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Business Lawyer  & Corporate Attorney Services 

What is a business lawyer?

A "business lawyer" or "business attorney" generally refers to a lawyer who represents business entities of all types.  These include corporations, LLCs, general partnerships, limited partnerships, sole proprietorships, associations, organizations and joint ventures.  Typically business lawyers also represent individuals who act in a business capacity (owners, proprietors, principals, managers, partners, directors, officers, controlling shareholders, entrepreneurs).  Some business lawyers also represent other individuals in their dealings with business entities (e.g. contractors, subcontractors, consultants, minority shareholders, employees).   When we use the term "business lawyer" we think of all three of the above.  We represent companies, owners, entrepreneurs, individuals in a business capacity and other individuals who have relationships with business entities.   Definitions of related terms:  The terms "corporate attorney" or "corporate lawyer" can refer to a business lawyer, or a business lawyer who primarily works for corporations.  

Do I need a business lawyer & can I afford one?

If you are a business owner and you are concerned with the legal protection of your business and your personal assets, the answer is yes.  A business lawyer can advise you of the applicable laws and help you comply with them. A business lawyer can help steer you away from future disputes and lawsuits.  A business lawyer can help protect your tangible and intangible assets. A business lawyer can help you negotiate more favorable business transactions. Having a business lawyer can project positively on your business.  Further, an established relationship with a business lawyer can be invaluable when you need to turn to someone who knows your business for quick legal guidance.  Unlike some larger firms, we value our role as a business attorney and counsel to start-ups and small businesses. We realize that many small businesses have genuine concerns about lawyers running up large tabs for unwanted, unnecessary or questionable work.  We are sensitive to that concern and actively work with you to control legal costs.  We believe it is in both our interests to discuss  the scope of work and the costs involved before we provide any legal services.   We can provide estimates or fixed pricing plans so that your company has greater cost certainty.

When should I seek a business lawyer?

You should seek a business lawyer if you or your company are . . . 

If you or your company could utilize the services of a business lawyer or corporate attorney, please contact us to set up a consultation. 

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