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You can email us at the following address:


Contributing Emails:  If you want to contribute emails that are not in our collection, please send these to the above address.  Please search our website before sending emails that are identical or very similar to what we already have.  You can check our lists of names (other than personal names) used in scam and bogus emails: Lottery Names, Phishing Names or  Business & Entity Names.  Alternatively, you can use Google, by typing: (enter key words found in email) to check for identical or similar emails.


Requests to review emails:  Mr. Gross receives numerous requests for his opinion or advice relating to e-mails received.  Many inquiries ask for Mr. Gross's opinion on whether a particular email is legitimate.  Due to the large volume of requests, we can no longer reply to these requests in a timely manner, if at all.   If you would like to help us make this service available in the future, please see our Support Page.

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