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Apex Bank of Benin

Apex Bank of Benin is referenced in emails such as the one below that appear to be fraudulent or bogus.   If you get a similar e-mail, you should ignore it.  Do not contact anyone listed on the email or give out any personal information.  Never pay any fees of any kind.  Do not cash any of their checks as they may be forged or stolen.   Even though a check may initially clear your account, it may bounce several weeks later and you can be held responsible and even face criminal charges.  You may want to visit other pages or sites to learn more.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008 4:23 AM 

From: "Mr Nelly Watch" <>


I wish to let you know that I have waited for you for a very longtime now to come down here and pick up your bank draft but did not hear from you till date, so then I went and deposited the US$850,000.00 Dollars Bank Draft/Cheque with the Apex Bank of Benin.

They have arranged your payment through their Swift Card Payment Center Asia Pacific, this Card Center will send you an Atm Card which you will use to withdraw your money from any Atm machine in any part of the world, but the maximum is $1,500 Per-hour and you can withdraw $15,000 Per-day.

Kindly contact the below person who is in possition to release your ATM Payment Card, with your information which they will use to send the card to you.

1; Your Complete Names. 2; Your Contact Address. 3; Your Contact Telephone/Mobile Numbers.

However, kindly contact the below person who is in position to release your atm card.

Apex Bank Benin, Cotonou. ATM Payment Department, Director Incharge, Mr. Njoku Ikedinachi, Tel:+229 97 09 69 14. Fax:+229 93 70 32 55.

Try to contact them as soon as possible to quicken the processing of your card before your draft gets expired, also know that you will be required to have the sum of $130 dollars send to them for the Affidevit of Ownership which they will procure on your behalf to authorize Them process Your ATM Card, before sending it to you.

Let me know as soon as you receive your card.

Thanks. Mr.Nelly Watch

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