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Email Name Index

Company, Business, Organization and Entity Index List referenced in our Scam and Bogus Email Collection 

The list of companies and entities listed below were each referenced in one or more unsolicited emails that we have received.   Our website contains literally thousands of emails that cover all types of email scams including advance fee fraud (aka Nigerian 419 fraud), lottery fraud, check clearing scams, employment scams etc.  For each name listed below, there are one or more emails that contain the specified name.

Alphabetical Index of Names  



Abbas Gold Mining Association

Abbey National Bank

Abbotsford Fabrics Ltd.

Abn Amro Bank

ABN Finance Group

ABSA Bank South Africa

ACC Bank

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company

Access Bank Nigeria Plc

Access Bank Plc

Acorn Exports Limited

ADB Bank

Adcorp Consultants Ltd

Adexec Security Company

ADN Grupos Impresa Espana

Aegis Capital Group LLC

Aerospace Wujiang Machinery & Electricity Equipment Co.,Ltd.

Affix Capital Security Inc S.A

Afribank Nigeria Plc

African Continental Bank Ltd

African Development Bank

African Petroleum Corporation

Agricultural Research Institute of Northern Ireland (ARINI)


Agri Bank of China

Agricultural Development Bank

AHA International Company Ltd

Ahli United Bank UK

AIB Group


Air Canada

Air Charter World Air Line

Air France

Airway Courier Service

Alaska Airlines

Alcoa Bohai Aluminum Industries Company

Alghanim Sons Group Co.

Alinco Security Company

All Product Company

All States Trust Bank

Allen & Overy

Alliance Bank Malaysia

Allied Irish Bank

Allied Security Company International

Alliot Groups

Allproducts Import & Export

Alpha Bank of Greece

Alpha Beta Finance

Alpha Bank London    

Alpha Gas

Alpha General (Holdings) Limited

Alkebulan Mining Company


Amalgamated Bank of South Africa

Amegy Bank

American Axle & Manufacturing

AMS Security Agency Limited

Angeles University Foundation Medical Centre

Anglo-American Gold Company

Anglo American Platinum Corporation Ltd

Anglo Gold Ltd

Anglo-Gold Mining Company

Anglost Standard Trust Bank

Anhui Guofeng Plastic Industry Co., Ltd

Anti-Terrorist and Monitory Crime Division

Apex Bank

Apex Consult Co.

Apex Courier

Apex Global Diplomatic and Courier Company

Apex Trust Agency


Arab National Bank

Argus Brokers Ltd.

Arkema Group

Armor Security Vault and Finance Company

Arts & Crafts Limited

Asia Trading Company

Asia Union Bank

Asian Market Exchange Company

A.S.M. Seguridad, S.L.

Assemblies of God Church

Associate Financial Securities Company

Association Of Gold Miners Of Mali

Astra Ship Lines Company

Atlantic Bank of New York

Atlantique Bank

Atlas Capital Services

Atlas Dredging Company

Atlas Financial Services S.A

ATM Swift Card Payment Center

Atto Company

Aura Seguros S.A

Avalon Textiles Company

Awalink Nigeria Agency

AXA Isle of Man Limited

Axa Seguros

Bacon Dozen Industrial Ltd

Badilla Security Company

Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA)

Banco De Oro Universal Bank

Banco Santander

Bank Atlantic

Bank Dakar Senegal

Bank DKI

Bank Internationale du Burkina

Bank of Africa, Benin

Bank of Africa (BOA)

Bank of Africa Compensation Unit

Bank of Africa Plc

Bank of America (Asia) Ltd.

Bank of China

Bank of China Ltd.

Bank of East Asia

Bank of Ghana

Bank of Ireland

Bank of Mauritius  

Bank of Scotland

Bank of Scotland Limited

Bank of South Africa

Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ

Bank PHB

Bank SinoPac

Banque Centrale

Banque Comerciale

Banque Commerciale du Burkina (BCB)

Banque De Habitat Au Burkina Faso (BHBF)

Banque Intercontinental

Banque Internationale du Benin

Banque Internationale Du Burkina

Banque of Afrique

Banque Atlantique

Banque Togolaise

Barclays Bank London UK

Barclays Bank of Ghana

Barclays Bank of Portugal

Barclays Bank Plc 

Barclays Private Bank España

Beauty Concept & Apparels

Beijing Richman International Trade Co.,Ltd

Bellview Airlines

Benxi Steel Company, Ltd.

Bermuda Bank

Bevic Mining Group Limited

BG Group Plc

BHP Billiton Plc


Bicici Bank Plc

Biglobe Inc.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Bishops Thompson & Co.

Blackstone Chambers

Blenheim Law Groups

BMB Finance Services

BMW Automobile Company

Bradbury Holdings Limited

British American Tobacco Company

Broader Line Ltd

Brown Chambers & Solicitors

Brown Shipley Private Bank


Bunzl Textiles Company

Burkina Faso University Teachings Hospitals (BUTH)

Cable Trust Agency

Caja Ahorros Banco

Caja de Fortuna Bank

Caja Sur De Banco

Campo Award Agency

Canon Rubber Company

Canttail Manqi Import & Export China

Capital Financial Agency

Capital Financial Services   

Capitec Bank Ltd


Casino Award Agency

Casino Lottery Claim Agency

Casino World Agency


CBH Qingdao Co., Ltd


CDW International


Central Bank of Nigeria

Central Bank of the Netherlands

Central Bank of West Africa

Central Bank of West African States

CFI Networks

C.G.M Agencia S.A

Cha Textiles Group

Chalet Financial Services

Chambers & Co.

Changzhou Wen Di Machinery

Chartered National Bank

Chevron Oil and Gas Company Plc

Chevron Oil Exploration Company

Chevron Petroleum Corporation

Chiesa Cattolica Italiana

Child Hope Foundation

Chin Leong and Associates

China Abrasives Import and Export Corporation

China Chemicals Limited

China Construction Bank

China Development Bank

China HuaMao Arts & Crafts Organisation

China First Automobile Group

China Merchant Bank

China Metallurgical Import and Export Company

China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Corp.

China National Offshore Oil Corporation

China Newstar Stone Industrial Company Limited

China Special Steel Company

Cho Hung Bank

Christian Children's Fund

Chugai Pharmaceutical Import/Export Company

Chung Shan Machinery Works Co., Ltd.

Chuo Bussan Co., Ltd

Church of Christ in England

Citibank London

Citi Bank Plc

Cititrust Finance Bank

Citi Trust Bank

Citizens Finance Corporation

Citizens Foundation

Citizens International Bank

Citizens Int'l Bank Plc

City Express Courier Service

City Express International Bank

Civic Finance Securities

Clariden Bank


CNPC Oil Company

Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc. 

Cocoa Merchants Ltd. 

Codex Alimentarius Commission

Comez Seguros

Compagnie Orange

Commercial Bank International

Commercial Bank of Burkina

Commonweath Audits and Financial Management Authority (CAFMA)

Compensation and Finance House

Concourse Global Metals, Inc.

Continental Bank

Continental Bank Cotonou Benin

Continental Bank Plc

Continental Trust Bank

Cooperative Bank Plc

Corporation Commerciale Canadienne

Corus Corporation

Costa Coffee Inc.

Costa Diamond Finance

Cote d'Ivoire Mining

Credit Atlantique Service Courrier

Credit Bank Benin


Credit Deutsch Finance and Securities B.V

Cristal Security Company Ltd.

Cross Country Courier Company

Crown Office Chambers

Crystallite Multi-Cleanser-Xhg

CTL Company

CTL Express Delivery Company

CWay Import and Export

Daewoo Bank

Dah Sing Bank, Ltd

Dalston Mill Fabrics & Interiors

Dayzers Trust Agency

DBE International Consortium

DBS Express Courier Company

D & C Fabrics

De Brekon Company Inc.

Debt Reconciliation Committee

Dekker and Company

Delixi Company

Delixi Consults

Dell Small Business Store Limited

Delta Chelsea Canadian Hotel

Delta Lloyd Finance

Department of Minerals and Energy

Design Fabrication Management Inc.

Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank of London

Department of Minerals and Energy

Development Bank of Singapore (DBS)

Development Bank of Southern Africa

Development Works Corporation

Dexin Shoes Co. Ltd.

DFS Furniture

DGT International Limited

DHL Delivery Service

Diamond Atlantic

Diamond Bank

Diamond Bank of Nigeria PLC

Dinero Express

Diplomatic Logistics Service 

Diplomatic Security Company

Direkt Bank NL

DoubleTwo Limited

Dow Chemical and Gas Company

DPA Financial Agency

Dresdner Bank International


Dubai International Finance Center

Dubai International Finance Centre (DIFC)

Dubai Printing Company

Duke Cole Textiles

Dumex Seguros

Dunya Mail Bank

Dynamic Courier Services

Eagle Sight & Associates

East Midlands Textiles Association

Eastgrace Corporation

Ecco Trust Finance Company

Ecobank, Benin

Ecobank, Cote d'Ivoire

Ecobank, Ghana

Ecobank International

Ecobank, Nigeria

Eco Bank PLC

Ecobank, Senegal

Eco Bank, Togo

Ecobank Trust Bank

Ecolife Company

Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC)

Ecowas Bank Plc

ECOWAS Funds Transfer Monitoring Unit

Ecoworld Wide International Agency

Edinburgh Metallurgical Company


Eko Bank

Emirate Bank International

Emirates Group

Emirates International Holdings

EMS International

Encana Oil

England King Koil Company

Enron Corp.

Envoy Steel Manufacturing Company Plc

Equilibrium Finance Company

Equitable PCI Bank

Equitorial Trust Bank

Equity Trust Funds Int.

eSources UK

Espace-Delivery Courier Company

Espinoza Manufacturing Company

E.U Lotto Award Agency

Euro Credit Bank Plc

Euro Credit Security & Finance S.A

Euro Millions Lottery Agency

Europe Oil and Gas Limited

European Access Bank

European Community Humanitarian Aid Department

European Union Social Fund

Europoint Offshore Security

Euro-PW Lottery Online Agency

Euros Express Agency

Evans Taylor Art Work

Executive Planet S.A


Fabric & Textile Trading Company  

Fabrics Company

Fairmont Hotels

Falcon Chemicals L L C

Fanadex Inc.

Fastest World Transfers Inc.

Fastway Couriers

FBI Anti-Terrorist and International Fraud Division

Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (FAAN)

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Federal Ministry of Finance, Nigeria

Federal Ministry of Transport and Aviation, Nigeria

Federal Ministry of Works and Housing, Nigeria

FedEx Company

Fedex Courier International

FedEx® Courier Service

Fedex Delivery

FedEx Online

Fen Way Courier Company

Fernandez Security Company

Fidelity Bank of Nigeria Plc

Fidelity Bank Plc

Fidelity Investment International

Fidelity Investment Ltd

Fidelity Investment UK

Fidelity Trust Agency

Finance & Economic Affairs Dept.

Financial Bank

Financial Bank of Benin

Financial Trust Bank

Financial Trust Group Inc

Finanfacil Seguros

Finbank Plc


Fincorp Finance Ltd  

First Atlantic Bank, Ghana 

First Atlantic Bank PLC

First Bank Plc

First Gulf Bank

First Inland Bank

First Merchant Finance

First National Bank London

First National Bank Ltd.

First National Bank of South Africa

First Ontario Credit Union

Flowerland International

Fondazione di Vittorio

Fondazione di Vittorio Espana

Foundmoney International

Freedom Church of God

Friesland Bank

Frontier Forwarding Courier Service Company

FSCSL Int'l Limited

Fujian Manufacturing & Trading Co., Ltd.

Garant Bid Company

Gardiner & Theobald

GCI Financial

General Field Gold Mining Company

General Field Mining Co. Ltd

Genesis Oil and Gas Consultants Ltd

George Weston Foods Company

Ghana Commercial Bank Ltd.

Ghana National Petroleum Corporation

Gilmac Financial Services

Gilmac Securities

Girobank London

Global Bank of Benin

Global Craft Inc.

Globalexport Art Gallery Co., Ltd

Global Debt Settlement Committee

Global Express Courier Company

Global Finance & Security Service

Global Heart Organization for Human Development (GHO)

Global Link Internet Webmail

Global Lottery Corporation

Global Max Courier Delivery Company

GlobalMax National Security Warehouse

Global Security & Finance Company

Global Security Company

Global Seguro Espana

Global Speed Courier Company Limited

GlobalTransfers Inc

Global Trust Agency

Global Trust Bank PLC, Benin

Global Trust Courier Company

Global Trust Diplomatic Corp.

Global Union Finance

GM AutoImporters GmbH

Gohmann & Associates Germany

Gold Miner Association

Gold Refinery Company

Gold Trust Bank

Goldenberg Company

Goldyard Investment

Goliath Fortune Trust S.L

Gold Coast Securities Limited

Gomera Seguros

Gonet Security Company

Grand Cayman Island Private Bank

Grand Finance and Trust Bank

Gristmill Investment Co.

Group Bank of Africa

Grupo Bilbao Security Company

Grupo Catalana Occidente S.A.

Guang Dong Light Industrial Company

Guarantee Trust Agency BV

Guaranty Trust Bank PLC, Nigeria

Guernsey International Fund Managers Ltd

Gulf Bank of Nigeria, PLC

Gulf Oil & Gas

H & S Textiles

Hafren Furnisher Plc

Hafren Furnishing Company

Hallmark Bank

Hallmark Courier Company

Hallmark Finance & Securities Inc.

Hamvan Seguros S.L

Hang Seng Bank

Han-Sui International Limited

Harold Galleries

Hartford Agency

Harvey Investment Company

Harveys & Co.

Hawkins & Associates Limited

HBOS: Halifax & Bank of Scotland

Heathrow Hotel

Hebei Metals & Minerals Import and Export Corporation

Henan Hongye Chemical Company Ltd

Henshaw Investment Limited

Heritage Consultancy Ltd

Heritage Farm Products

HFC Bank (Ghana) Ltd.

Hides, Skin & Leather SL

Hilton Hotel Bristol

Hilton Hotel London

Hilton Sanitaryware Co., Ltd.

Himage International Limited

Hino Motors Ltd.

Homez Seguros

Hong Kong Machine Industry

Hong Kong Merchant Import & Export

Hong Kong National Trading Company

HongKong DTL Industrial & Trading Limited

Hong Leong Bank

House of Bliss Art Gallery

HSBC Bank London

HSBC Bank Malaysia


HSH Nordbank AG

Huamao Arts and Crafts

Hughes Supply, Inc.

Human Textiles International Limited

Ibero Promotion Company S.A

Icon Researches Ltd

ICPC Nigeria

ICRA Development Co.

Imperial Bank PLC, South Africa

Impex Courier Company

INC International Law Firm

Independent Committee of Eminent Persons (ICEP)

Indo-China Group Ltd 

Indovina Bank

Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (Asia)

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC)

Industrial Equipment and Service Co

Innomax Company

Institute of Food Research

Integrate Shipping Limited

Inter Continental Alliance Finance & Securities

Intercontinental Bank

Intercontinental Trust Bank

Interface Fabrics and Textiles

International Bank of Africa

International Bank of Burkina

International Bank of Taipei

International Commercial Bank

International Commercial Bank Ghana

International Credit Bank Burkina Faso

International Credit Bank Plc

International Credit Settlement

International Development Association

International Fund Remittance Department

International Monetary Fund

International Remittance Department

International Trust Bank

Internet Fraud Investigation Organization (IFIO)

Internet Service Provider Consortium

Inter-secure Trust & Banking

Interstar Consulting B.V

IRNL Foundation

Islamic Bank of Britain

Islamic Development Bank

Itochu Corporation

Ivory Coast Oil and Gas Company

Japan Arts & Crafts 

Japan National Arts & Crafts Import/Export Corporation

Japan Sun Oil Company

J&C Electronics Pvt.Ltd

J & D Oil Company

J.D. Plant Services

Jeter Agency

Jiangsu Tianyin Chemical Industry Co.

JMP Claiming Agency

Jyu Ben Woodwork Co


Kenneth Fabrics Ltd.

Kerr-McGee Corporation


Kia Motors UK Limited

Kin Hing Hong Textiles

Kings Fabrics Ltd

Kleinwort Benson

Krasloten Agency

Krung Thai Bank Plc

Laagste Bank

Laagste Heypotheekofferte Bank

La Caixa Bank

La Primitiva Trust Agency S.L

Law Concerns & Associates

Legend Trust Bank

Leicester Credit Bank

L. G. A. (Woodworking Machinery) Ltd

Liansu International

Liberty Agencia

Liberty Seguros

Liberty Seguros Banco

Link Trust Finance Ltd

Lippo Bank

Linkage Management Solutions

Living Christ Ministry Inc.

Lloyds tsb Bank

Lloyds TSB Group plc

Logistic Management Courier Services

Long Arts and Crafts

Loteria Trust Agency

Lucky Traders Pvt Ltd.

Lukaz Cargo


Lux Capital

Luye Fisheries Co Ltd

Macnapolono Chemical Laboratory Company

Madison Soil Arts Gallery

Magnum Trust Inc.

MAI Capital, Ltd


Mainin Industrial Co. Ltd

Major Biz Int'l

Man Tech Company Ltd.

Manpower UK

Mapfre Finance and Securities

Mapfre Marketing

Mapfre Security

Mapfre Seguros

Mark Holdings Ltd

Marvic Textiles

Maryam Ibrahim Textiles

Masuda Chemical Industries Co., Ltd.

Mauritius Commercial Bank Limited

Maxcon Seguros Espana

Maximum Security Trust

Maybank Hong Kong

MCG Company Plc

MCI Networks

McKinsey & Company

Meda Ltd

Megal Finance and Consultant Company

Mei Ah International Limited

Menglei Import & Export Co., Ltd

Mercantile Trust Bank PLC

Merit Trust Agency

Metropolitan Bank Plc

Micro Bank

Microsoft Corporations

Midland Consulting Limited

Mikel Charity Home

Millennium Company

Miller & Morgan Company

Ministry of Mineral and Energy

Minstry of Transport and Aviation

Mirage Supplies Ltd

MirrowTrust Claims Agency

Mitsubishi-Shoji Co. Ltd

MM Group Handling


Monkwell Company

Morgan Securities

Morgan Stanley Trust Bank  

Moriroku Company Ltd

Mortgage Security Company

Mozaic Fabrics

Mutual Trust Agencia

Mystery Shopper Services


Nation Wide Bank London

National Association of the Deaf

National Bank of Abu Dhabi

National Bank of Dubai

National Bank, Sierra Leone

National Bank of Ukraine

National Gold and Diamond Corporation

National Investment Bank Ltd

National Oil Nigeria LTD

National Petroleum Agency of Sao Tome

National Petroleum Agency of Sao Tome and Principe

National Trust Agency

National Westminster Bank

National Youth Action Network Organization (NYANO)

Natural Minerals Producers of Africa

Natwest Bank Group UK

Natwest Bank London

NatWest Bank Plc

Nautical Petroleum Plc.

Navis Express Agency

Navis Insurance Company

Ned Bank

Netpoint Claim Management Services

Networking Equity Consultant & Securities

New Era Foundation

Newfield Petroleum UK Limited


Nickerson Chemicals Ltd

Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation

Nigerian National Petroleum Cooperations   

Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation

Nigerian Stock Exchange Council (NSEC)

Ningbo Electric Machinery Company Limited

Nippon Oil Exploration and Production

Noni Health Care

North Oil Company Ltd.

Ocaso Security Insurance S.L

Oceanic Bank International

Oceanic Bank of Nigeria Plc

Oceanic Bank Plc

Oceanic Fabrics Mill Ltd

Oceanic-Foundation International

Oceanic Seguros  

Okewood Imagery

Olympus Imaging Products

Omni Mont Royal Hotel

Onoken Corporation

Open Bank

Optimate Company

OOI Import & Export Enterprise

Otopec Oil & Gas Plc

Oval Investment Co.

Owena Bank Ltd.

Oxfam Aid Package

Oxfam International

Pacific Finance Company Plc

Palmhive Technical Textiles Limited

PanExp Engineering Group

Paragon Loans Inc.

Pentagon Petroleum and Metalurgical Company

People's Bank of China

Pepsi Bottling Company

Peter and Associates 

Petrofa Oil Company

PHC Consulting

Platinum Credit Bank


Point Focus LLC

Post Access Bank

PostBank London

PostBank NL

Postcode Trust & Securities

Postcode Trust & Securities

Presidential Committee on Foreign Payments

Prestige Card

Price Waterhouse

Prosegur Security Firm

Prosegur Seguridad

Prudential Insurance Company  

Public Procurement Board, Ghana

Puhan Fabrics and Textiles

Pu-Kam Electrical Appliances Co Ltd.

Pure Six Inc

Qing Metal Products Co., Ltd.

Quilter Fabrics Ltd

Rabo Bank

Rainbow Gold and Diamond Mine Company

RAC Motoring Services


Rand Merchant Bank

Raymond Limited

RBS International

Real Campo Award Agency

Redboath Finance and Security

Remax Network and Financial Company

Republic Bank of Trinidad and Tobago

Reserve Bank of India

Reserve Bank of South Africa

Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe

Rest Pro Company

Rextron Gold

RK Furniture

Riviera Travel

RM Fabrics & Textiles Company

Rose Household Textile Limited

Royal Bank of Canada

Royal Commercial Holdings

Royal Mail Express

Royal Sun Alliance Agency

Royal Textile Company

Royal Trust Bank

RPA Consulting

Rubicas Import-Export S.L.

S&A International Ltd

Safe-Link Delivery Services


Sambu Construction Ltd

Sanchez Security

Santa Import and Export Oil Company Plc

Santa Lucia Finance and Securities, S.L 

SantaLucia Seguros


Sanwu Rubber Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Sasol Oil Dev Co

Saudi Aramco

Saudi British Bank

Saudi Petroleum and Chemical Corporation

Scarlet Courier Delivery Ltd.


Sea-Gate Financial Trust Funds

Sea Link Oil Company

Seadrill Group

Seguros Security

Senate Committee on Contract Review Panel

Senegal National Petroleum Corporation

Senegalese National Petroleum & Gas

Service Research Corporation


SG-SSB Bank, Ghana

Shalom Courier Company

Shandong Binzhou Xinhui Woollen Textile Co., Ltd.

Shandong Cereals & Oils Group Corporation

Shanghai Secco Petrochemical

Shanghai S.H.M Machinery Co., Ltd

Shanxi Xinfusheng Machinery

Shell Development Company 

Shell Petroleum Development Company

Shell Petroleum Development of England

Shengfa Brass Tabular Co, Ltd.

Sherwood Exports

Shiga Bank Ltd

Shing Shun Machinery Limited

Siamrak Company Limited

Sidetrack Company Limited

Sierra Leone Diamond and Mining Corporation

Sierra Leone Diamond Corporation      

Sierra Leone Gold and Diamond Corporation

Silver Trust B.V

Simpson Millar LLP

SinoSteel Corporation

Sinosteel Trading Company Ltd 

Skye Bank Ltd

Skye Bank Nigeria

Skyline Courier Company

S. L. International

SNS Bank

SNS Bank and Securities BV 

Sobaz Oil Company

Societe Generale Des Banques Au Burkina

Societe Generale Online Bank



Songyen Export Company Ltd.

South Africa Export Promotion Council (SAEPC)

South Africa Information Exchange (S.A.I.E)

South African Solid Gold Corporation

Sovereign Investment Bank

Speed Trust Courier Company  

Spring Bank, Plc

SRS Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd. 

St. Edmund's Catholic Church

St. Jude Catholic Church

St. Michaels Fashions

Staats Loterij Agency

Staatsloterij Company

Staatsloterij Corporation

Staatsloterij Inc.

Stanbic IBTC Bank

Standard Bank

Standard Bank Benin

Standard Bank Centre

Standard Bank of South Africa

Standard Bank PLC, London

Standard Chartered Bank, Ghana

Standard Chartered Bank, London

Standard Chartered Bank, Hong Kong

Standard Life International

Standard Life Trust Bank Limited

Standard Trust Bank Plc, Benin

Standard Trust Bank, Ghana

Standard Trust Bank, Nigeria

Standong Chenming Paper Holdings Limited

Star Energy Group Plc

Stat-Oil Group

STMicroelectronics UK Ltd

Suffolk Agricultural Association

Sun Oil Company, Ltd

Sun Power Ceramics Co.

Sun Trust BV

Sunoco Inc.

Sunopco Petroleum Corp.

SusArt World Inc.

Suzuki Handle AG Company

Swift Credit Card

Swift Trust & Finance Services

Swiss Bank Zurich

Swiss Lotto Nederland

Swiss Lotto UK

Sydney Car Centre

Tamar Finance Ltd

Tapar Group

Tele-Transfer Company

Termacine XP

Tesco Trust Bank

3xl Corp.

Tisco Bank

Tisco Express Courier Ltd

TNT Courier Express

TNT Express Courier

Tombola Bank 

Tomoyuki Incorporated

Tooks Chambers

Toshiba Information Systems (UK) Ltd.

Toshiba-Microsoft Exploration Company

Total Petroleum Prospecting Company

Trading Company Ltd.

Trailblazer Communications Asia Pte Ltd

Trans-Atlantic Crossings S.A

Trans-Atlantic S.A

TransExport Company

Transinternational Bank

Transparency International

Travelex Money Transfer  

Trisoft Intl Limited

Triway Yangzhong Int't Trade Corp.

Troy Hotel London

Trust Bank of Ghana

Trust Claims Agency

T & S Buttons Company Limited

Tsang Textile Company

TSB Bank Plc

Turkish Bank Limited

Tzamal Medical Industries


UBS Investment Bank


UK Trade & Investment Company

UKC World Investment

Umesa Seguros Espana S.A

UN Global Courier Delivery Company


Unclaimed Assets UK

Uni Diamonds Inc


Uniglobe Security Company

Uniglobe Security & Finance

Unijade Company

Union Bank Nigeria Plc

Union Bank of Cameroon

Union Bank of China

Union Bank of Nigeria

Union Bank of Senegal

Union Bank of Switzerland

Union Bank PLC

Union Bank Swiss Finance Company

Union Chamber Law Firm

Union Nationale des Producteurs de Cotton Burkina Faso (UNPCB)

Union Supply Co.

United Asian Trading Company

United Asset Management

United Bank for Africa (UBA)

United Bank for Africa Plc

United Bank of Egypt

United European Trading Company Limited Group

United Nations Compensation Unit

United Nations Foundation

United Nations Remittance Office

United Nations Trust Funds

United Nations/ World Bank Compensation Unit

United Overseas Bank

United State Parcels Service

United Trust Bank

Unitex Limited

Unity Bank Plc

Unity Trust Bank

Universal Air Express Courier

Universal Chemicals Export and Import Company

Universal Fabrics & Fashion Inc.

Universal Trust Bank, Nigeria

Universal Trust Bank Plc.

Universal Trust Bank, UK

Universal Trust Corporation

UPExpress Courier Service

UPS Courier Service Company

UPS Express Courier

U.S. Department of Labor

Vacknol Nigeria International Limited

Vamvakidis Capital LLC

Vart Claim Agency

Vassos Anthonis Foundation

Veras Enterprises S.A.

Vertex Finance Company

Vertex Finance NV

Vertex Securitas S.A

Vigent Seguros S.L

VillaPac Inc.

Vimto Drinks Co.

Vintage Security and Finance S.A

Violent Cooperation Company

Virtual Finance BV

Virtual Finance & Security BV

Vital Trust Agency

Viten Seguros

Wahum Fabrics and Textiles Industrial Ltd

Wales Investment Bank

Walida Trading Company

Walmat Industrial Co., Ltd.

Wanlida Textile

Wapet Oil Ltd 

Washington Mutual Bank

WayStar Ltd


WBC Export Services Ltd.

Webster Dixon Associates

Weiqiao Textile Co., Ltd.

WelMan-Steel-Corporative Company

Wema Bank of Nigeria

Wema Bank Plc

Wen Di Machinery Co. Ltd

West African Monitoring Institution

West Surveys Inc.

Western Geco

Western Industrial Chemicals

Western Union

William Harvey Research Institute

Wing Wang DTL Industrial & Trading Limited

Wingas Ltd.

Wintershall Investment Group

World Bank Fact Finding & Special Duties Office

World Bank Group

World Debt Reconciliation Committee

World Humanitarian Organization

World Internet Programs

World Express Courier Company

World Fund Discovery Management and Payment Bureau

World Royal Consultancy and Securities

World Wellness Women’s Congress

World Youth Organization For Human Rights

World Youth Organization For Human Welfare

Wright Consults

Wujiang Wanlida Textile Co.

Xenex Navigation Inc.

Xianyen Export Company Limited

Xinghui Glass Co.

Yahoo Awards Center

Yardscraper, Inc.

YF Jewellery

Ying Textile Japan Ltd

Yiwu Ictc Import & Export Co. Ltd

Yiwu Menglei Import & Export Co., Ltd 

Yorkshire Bank PLC

Yukos Oil Company

Zambian Ministry of Mines and Natural Resources

Zean Intl Inc.

Zeng Textiles

Zenith Bank Compensation Unit

Zenith Bank International

Zenith Bank of Nigeria

Zenith Bank Plc

Zenith Finance Plc

Zenith Oil and Gas Company

Zenon Oil

Zhejiang Nhu Company Ltd.

Zurick Seguros

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