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National Bank of Ukraine

National Bank of Ukraine is referenced in spam emails such as the one below that may be fraudulent or bogus.   If you get a similar e-mail, you should ignore it.  Do not contact anyone listed on the email or give out any personal information.  Never pay any fees of any kind.  Do not cash any of their checks-they are almost certainly forged or stolen and even though they may initially clear your account, they will bounce several weeks later and you will be held responsible and could even face criminal charges.  You may want to visit other pages or sites to learn more.

Contact Bank Immediately!!!Wednesday, October 29, 2008 9:58 AM From: "WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANFER" <>

ATTN: Sir/Madam, There is an issue with the Western Union Money Transfer in the said amount of USD$85 million (Eighty-five million United States Dollars), directed at the owner of this email address. The NATIONAL SECURITY AND DEFENSE COUNCIL OF UKRAINE DAYZERS IN COLLABORATION WITH THE UKRAINE GOVERNMENT contacted us for your transaction yesterday. They said that they choose to send it to an email address instead of a name. We are unable to complete a transfer directed at an email address,so we require some more information in order to complete this transfer. ===================================================== You are to Contact NATIONAL BANK OF UKRAINE Via details below: 1.Name in full. 2.Address. 3.Nationality. 4.Age. 5.Occupation. 6.Company: 7.Phone No. 8.Present Country. 9.Fax [optional]. 10.Email address. 11.Sex: 12.State/ City: 13.Zip Code: 14.Amount Of Grant: BANK NAME: NATIONAL BANK OF UKRAINE. BANK ADDRESS: NATIONAL BANK OF UKRAINE, 9 Instytutska St.,Kyiv 01601. BANK FAX NUMBER: (+38 044) 230-20-33 CONTACT PERSON: Mr.Vitaliy KOSTYA, TELEPHONE NUMBER: Tel (+38 044) 253-10-80

e-MAIL: =========================================== N:B: As soon as you furnish your complete details to the bank, your payment will be made to you through (WIRED TRANSFER) to your destination bank account directly from The NATIONAL BANK OF UKRAINE to your destination bank account. Sincerely, Mrs.Vika NIMANDY. Western Union Payments Officer. Copyright 1995-2008 The Western Union Money Transfer Inc. All rights reserved. Terms of Service - Guideline

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