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Sobaz Oil Company

Sobaz Oil Company is referenced in emails such as the one below that appear to be fraudulent or bogus.   If you get a similar e-mail, you should ignore it.  Do not contact anyone listed on the email or give out any personal information.  Never pay any fees of any kind.  Do not cash any of their checks as they may be forged or stolen.   Even though a check may initially clear your account, it may bounce several weeks later and you can be held responsible and even face criminal charges.  You may want to visit other pages or sites to learn more.

From Mr John Neel Tuesday, November 25, 2008 10:27 AM 

From: "John Neel" <> 

Hello Dear, Nice to meet you It's a pleasure to speak with you.I know you will be surprise to recieve this message from me.I came across your email address in the internet when i was searching for assistance,but i can't recall back the particular website again.Well i have to introduce myself to you today.Am Mr John Neel 23 years,old i am from Sudan Southern region in africa.My country Sudan is bounded to the north by Egypt,north-east by the red sea,east by Eritrea and Ethiopia,south by Kenya,Uganda and Congo,west by the central african republic and Tchad, and north-west by Libya. I am the only child and son of late Dr Walter Neel,my late father was the director of Sobaz Oil Company COMPANY before his death due to the current political crisis / war going on in Darfur region Sudan.One early morning unkown rebels fully armed attacked our house and killed my parents leaving my parents in a poll of blood.So after their death i then relocated to Senegal where am staying now in Catholic Church Humanitarian Refugee Building here in Senegal to save my life.Am a second year student in school of medicine before this incident occurred. My dear i really need your help,this is secret and confidential.Am giving you this informations to you due to trust,and i hope you will not betray or dissappoint me.My late father deposited a huge amount of money with a finance firm ( 7.6million ) Seven Million Six Hundred Thousand united states dollars.And he made this deposit with my name John Neel as the next of kin.So i have every legal rights over the money.I have written to the bank to for the claims.They told me that i need to have a foreign partner who will assist me because of my status that its aganist the bank rules and regulations. And secondly the bank told me the money is deposited in an Escrow Bond Account.They said i need also a foreign bank account number to transfer the money out.Please i need your help i can't transacate any transfer with any finance firm since am a political asylum seeker as they said.This is why i need your assistance and also am too young.Dear please let me know your mind if really you will assist me so that i can give you the full contact address of the bank where the money is deposited and details / informations of the money. I wish to countiune my studies when i come over to your country after the money might have been transfered under your care.Because i stopped in my second year in school of Medecine after this incident took place.I would have settled this issue since,but due to i am scared of going into the hands of a wrong person.I decided to keep this to myself since,i found a bit relieve when i saw your email address so i decided to contact you because i was instructed by my own spirit that you will be of good help to me.So please don't fail me am really going crazy and confussed. I want you to send me this mentioned particulars in other to know you more and whom i am dealing with.Below here is what i need from you so that i can then send to you the bank full contact address,deposit informations of the money and other vital documents regards to the money.(1) Your full names (2) Country of residence & city and your phone number in case i want to call you Remember I am giving you all this information due to the trust am having on you.I will send you my pictures in my next mail.Am.Looking forward to hear back from you.

My regards, 

Mr John Neel

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