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Lottery Scam E-mails

Lottery scam e-mails are unsolicited e-mails that say that you've won millions of dollars for a lottery you never entered.  The scam artist may use the name of a legitimate lottery as part of the scam.  Generally, these e-mails originate somewhere outside the US, where the criminals can safely scam you, with virtually no chance of getting arrested or prosecuted.  At some point, they will ask you to pay some fee or fees to claim your prize.  A legitimate lottery does not ask this.  Once you are onto their scam, they will disappear and your chance of any type of recovery is essentially none.  We have included several recent examples throughout this website and below:  


Destiny Loterij International 

Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2006 05:12:34 +0100 (GMT+01:00) From:  Alert Subject: CONTACT ARNOLD BROWN



Following official publication of results of the E-mail electronic online Sweepstakes organized by the Destiny loterij corporation, the Slidecircuir award and the Heineken prizes in conjunction with the foundation for the promotion of software products, (F.P.S.), held in The Netherlands, wherein your electrononic email address emerged as one of the online winning emails in the 1st category and therefore attracted a cash award of 850.000.00 Euros (Eight hundred and fifty thousand euros only),

We write to officially notify you of this award and to advise you to contact the processing office immediately upon receipt of this message for more information concerning the verification, processing and eventual payment of the above prize to you.

It is important to note that your award information was released with the following particulars attached to it. (I) REFERENCE NUMBER: DLINT/422/891/06 (ii) Batch Numbers: BN55/A35-80 (iii) Serial numbers: 36-11-78-69 (iv) Lucky numbers: 12-81-33-19 -65.

Please contact the claim agents to facilitate the release of your prize; you are required to include the above particulars of your award in every correspondence addressed to the processing agents. Mr. Arnold Brown (Paying/Foreign Department Manager) Email: Tel: 31-617-370-942 /Fax: 31-847-301-193

You are expected to provide the following details below to your claims agent: 1) BATCH AND REFFERENCE NUMBERS 2) FULL NAMES 3) AGE 4) OCCUPATION 5) MAILING ADDRESS 6) PHONES AND FAX NUMBERS 7) EMAIL ADDRESS

The Awards is sponsored by a consortium of software promotion companies. (The Intel Group, Toshiba, Dell Computers, Microsoft and other international companies).

This internet draw is held periodically and is so organized to encourage the use of the internet and promote computer literacy worldwide.

We are proud to say that over 20 Million Euro is won annually in more than 150 countries worldwide. Remember, all winning must be claimed not later than 20 days.

Please note, in order to avoid unnecessary delays and complications, remember to quote your reference number and batch number in all correspondence.

Once again on behalf of all our staffs,



Mrs. Brenda Smith (Promotions Coordinator).

NOTICE: You have received this message from Destiny Loterj prize dept. at your winning e- mail address because you have emerged a winner. If you are not the intended recipient, you must not, directly or indirectly, use, disclose, distribute, print or copy any part of this message. If you believe you have received this message in error, please delete it and all copies of it from your system and notify the sender immediately by reply e-mail. ****** THIS IS NOT A SCAM EMAIL** DO NOT DELETE THIS MESSAGE******

Destiny Lottery International Numbers: DLINT/422/891/06  BN55/A35-80 36-11-78-69  12-81-33-19 -65

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