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Advance Fee Scam E-mails (37)

If you receive an unsolicited e-mail seeking you to receive a large sum of money or be presented as the next of kin of a large fortune from someone you never heard of (especially if that person resides overseas), don't believe it.   This is almost certainly a scam where you will be asked to pay some type of fee before you can claim the money or you will be presented with a phony check and asked to return a share.  Don't be fooled by official looking documents as scammers make a living forging these things.  Also many scammers work in rings and have partners who may pose as lawyers, government officials, bank officials etc.  

If you get such an e-mail or you get one that is similar to one in our database, you should delete the letter.  Do not contact the person and especially do not give out personal information such as bank account information.  NEVER pay any fees of any kind.   Also, do not accept a check from this stranger and especially do not return a portion of the check .  If you are victimized by the fraud, there is not much that you can do. You may want to file a police report so that you can have a record of the loss (for tax reasons).  You can also notify the Secret Service about your loss.  You may want to visit other sites to learn more:

       Letter 2051

Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2006 20:00:47 +0200 From: "Mr.Sampas Haka" <>  Subject: Strictly Personal To:

Strictly Personal

Dear Friend,

This letter may come to you as a big surprise, but I believe it is only a day that people meet and become great friends and business partners.

With due respect, I am Sampas Haka,the director in charge of audit and accounts unit,foreign remittance department of a bank here in Benin Republic.

I decided to contact you for a beneficial and risk-free business transaction.

During my auditing and investigation in this bank,I came across the sum of NINE MILLION UNITED STATES DOLLARS(US$9,000,000.00)only belonging to an international business man who died along with his family on 31st October 1999 in a plane crash, in an Egyptian airline ( Egypt - Air) 990 - with other passengers on board. You can confirm this from the website below which was published by CNN website or

Before my discovery of this development, there was no trace of claim from any person as the fund remains dormant in his account with this bank. Although I kept this information secret whitin my jurisdiction to enable me put claim and transfer the said amount through a trustworthy friend overseas - whom i will indirectly present to the bank as the bonafide next-of-kin for a profitable and successful transaction because after sevben years the money will be called back to the bank's treasury account as unclaimed bills and be shared amongst the directors of the bank. It is on this note i decided to seek for whom his name shall be used as the next of kin/beneficiary to this funds rather than allow it to be converted to the tresury account at the end of the year.

Meanwhile, all the arrangments to put claims as the bonafide next-of-kin to the deceased,to get the required approval and transfer of this money to a foreign account has been put in place.

The directives and the needed information will be relayed to you as soon as you indicate your interest and willingness. Infact, I could have done this alone but because as civil servants we are not legally allowed to operate foreign account

These are the actual reasons why it requires a second-fellow who will forward claims by my support as the bonafide next-of-kin.And also present a foreign bank account,existing account or set up a new account where the money will be transfered into.

On conclusion of this transaction, you will be entitled to 30% of the total sum as gratification,10% of the total sum will be set aside for contingency,while 60% will be for me.

Please you have been advised to keep top secret as i'm still in service and intend to retire from service after the transfer.

I will be monitoring the whole situation here in this bank until you confirm the money in your account,I then come down to your country for subsequent sharing of the fund according to the percentages indicated above, and for investment in any country you may advise.

All other necessary information will be sent to you when i receive an email response from you or a telephone call at 00229-97 68-74-65

Expecting your urgent reply.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr.Sampas Haka

Letter 2052

Date: Sat, 22 Apr 2006 15:21:34 +0200 (CEST) From: "egwu chuks" <> View Contact Details Add Mobile Alert Yahoo! DomainKeys has confirmed that this message was sent by Learn more Subject: urgent reply To:

Ich habe eine neue E-Mail-Adresse!

Ich bin jetzt unter folgender E-Mail-Adresse zu erreichen:





Dear friends

I am Egwu chuks the managing Director of federal ministry of health, the personnal attorney to a foreign contact. National Immunization kick polio out of Nigeria,

this is Deivine publication in the government concern the children, location parting polio Immunization in Nigeria government have provided all their needs for the betterment of all country.

An uplifted aim being proffered quikly recallected by federal goverment this attention eventually conset to refusess to transfer the money for polio Immunization into foreign account the money in the Banks is sum of $2 billion U.S Doller.

the Bank has issued me a notice to provide person or have the account, since, onfiscated within the next twenty offical working days, the government we have 60% why you have 30%. tax 10% All I require is your honest and co-Peration to enable us see this money. hough one guarantor that this will be executed under a legitimaterangement that will protec you from any Branch of the Law.

Please getin touch with me Via email as soon as you get this mail to enable us discous on the modalities and process for success of this transaction, I will equally want you to send the following information to enable me move ahead for the transfer in your name.

Your full name, your contact address, private Fax and Telephone unmber, the name and address of Bank you wish to use will be use to receive the fund successfully. may god blessed you .

Signed by President


Best Regard

Egwu Chuks

- egwu chuks

Letter 2053

From: "Mr Martyn Mueller." <> Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert To: "info" <> Subject: Please Reply Soon.

Dear Sir/Madam.

Thank you for giving me your time;Please be patient and read my email to you,this letter might come as a surprise to you,and you could be wondering where I got your contact.I got your address through a personal search on the internet forsomeone relaible and trustworthy,so i decided to contact you for an assistant,which I do hope you will take your time to consider.

My name is Matyn Mueller, the eldest son of Dr.FRANK MUELLER, from Zimbabwe.

During the current war against the farmers in Zimbabwe from the supporters of our President Robert Mugabe to claim all the white-owned farms for his party members and his followers, he ordered all white farmers to surrender all their farms to his party members and his followers.

My father was one of the biggest farmers in our country and because he strongly opposed Mugabe's ideas,Mugabe's supporters invaded my father's farm and burnt everything in the farm,killing my father in the incident and made away with a lot of items in my father's farm.Before my father's death,he had made deposite with a Security Company in Europe, the sum of US$10.450,000,00(Ten Million Four Hundred AND Fifty Thousand United States Dollars).

He intended to use the money in buying new machinery and to set up a new farm in Swaziland.After the death of my father,l decided to escape with my other siblings to another country because of continued harassment and threat from Mugabe and his supporters,we could only get as far as the republique du SENEGAL where we are now seeking political refuge.

As the eldest man in the Family,i have been making contact with the company to see how i can make the claim without going there but to no avail,i was told that the claim can only be made by me or my father's representative in thier office.

This is the reason why i decided to contact you to assist us since I am not able to travel outside this country particularly to Europe where the company is located.I am seeking for your assistance to help us go to the security company as our father's representative for the claims, For your role in this transaction,my family and i have agreed to offer you 30% of the total sum for your assistance, 5% will be set-aside for any expenses that maybe incurred in the course of this transaction and the remaining 65% will be for my family and i to invest in any lucrative investment.

All I want you to do is to help me finish this transaction and at the sametime help me to invest some of our share of the money in a lucrative business in your country.

Please get back to me if you can be of assistance via email.for better discussion or should incase you have any questions you would like to ask,please feel free to contact me any time via email.Thanks and God bless as i will be looking forward to your swift and positive response.


Best Regards, MR.Martyn Mueller.

Letter 2054

From: "The Managing Director" <> Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert To: Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2006 10:42:16 +0700 Subject: The Managing Director

Attn: The Managing Director ,

Dear Sir,

Compliments of the day, before I proceed, I must be grateful to introduce myself. I am Mrs Ngom M, ABDUL, the wife of the late Gen. Haji Abdul of the then military government of Ivory Coast, prior to the time of crisis which is presently on I got your contact from my personal research as i am looking for whom to invest with.

Due to my position, as the son and benefficiary to the late General, I have been able to come away with a reasonable sum of money after the brutal murder of my husband by his political opponents, this money belongs to my husband and is in the total sum of 19.8 million US$ of which I have the tendency to invest it in a company with good line of products like your own company and with potential for a good capital returns, on behalf of myself and the remaining family.

Since your country is one of the good investor friendly nations in the world, I have decided to seek your assistance for me to transfer this funds to your country and run business over there, for the mutual benefit of both of us and my entire family. I would therefore like you to help me in every possible way in securing this funds in your country.

Furthermore I will like you to assist me in finding a good business that I will invest this fund.

However upon acceptance you will be required to contact me through my personal e-mail address as above ( for security reason in which you will be informed and get update about the current arrangement i have made so far on how to transfer the money from Bangkok-Thailand to your account through a bank account that you will open in your name there.

In view of your participation, I am ready to give you a good negotiable percentage for your assistance of which the trustee fee range in my country is between 7% of the actual money or better still commit it into a joint venture project. Be assured that you stand no risk of any kind as the fund belongs to me and the rest of my family now, of which my son is the sole benefficiary and trustee on behalf of the family.

As soon as I get your consent, I will contact my lawyer to start making arrangement on how to change the ownership of the consignment into your name, for easy transfer of the money out of there, since you will be my trustee to the transaction and thereafter transfer to your country's foreign account and i will finally come over to your country for final arrangements.

I strongly believe that associating with you to embark on this and other business ventures will derive a huge success hereafter. If you have any question do not hesitate to include same in your reply.

Yours Sincerely Mrs Ngom M, ABDUL

Letter 2055

Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2006 02:25:15 +0100 (GMT+01:00) From: "Patrick" <> Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert Subject: Private memo

Greetings to you,

This letter must come to you as a big surprise, but I believe it is only a day that people meet and become great friends and business partners. My name is Patrick Dadzie, the present branch Manager of a bank here in Ghana. Like I said, I have a transaction that will benefit both of us, as your assistance is required as a foreigner.

I use to head the Accounts department in my bank head office, but last December I was asked to take position of a Manager of our branch in Kumasi who passed on, so that was how I became the present Manager and discovered a fortune. As I resumed duty, I discovered an account with total sum of $12,500,000 million that has not been operated on for the past 4 years. From my investigation, I found out that this account belongs to one Late Mr. ANDREAS SCHRANNER a German great industrialist and a resident of Munich, who unfortunately lost his life along with his entire famillies in the plane crash of CONCORDE AIRLINE [Flight AF4590 ] which crashed on 25TH JULY, 2000. You shall read more news about the crash on visiting this site, which I got during my investigation; uk/1/hi/world/europe/859479.stm.

The account is escrow call account, a secret type of account in my bank and no other person knows about this account or any thing concerning it, the account has no other beneficiary. I have kept a close monitoring of the account since then and nobody has come forward to ask about the money as next of kin to the late Mr. Andreas Schranner, meaning that no one is aware of the account. As the Manager of my bank branch, I have the power to influence the release of the funds to any foreigner that comes up as the next of kin to the account, with the correct information concerning the account, which I shall give you.

Contact me as soon as you receive this message if you feel we can work together, so we can go over the details. Please, treat with utmost confidentiality.


Patrick Dadzie.

Letter 2056

Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2006 12:18:17 +0000 (GMT) From: "james kumasi" <> View Contact Details Add Mobile Alert Yahoo! DomainKeys has confirmed that this message was sent by Learn more Subject: TREAT AS URGENT AND CONFIDENTIAL To: J'ai une nouvelle adresse mail Vous pouvez maintenant m'écrire à : From: DR.JAMES KUMASI; Secretary, Technical Committee on Review of Contract (T.C.R.C) ROSTBANK Complex Accra Ghana. Tel/FAX: 233-246186174 TREAT AS URGENT AND CONFIDENTIAL Dear, May I have the pleasure of introducing myself; I am DR.JAMES KUMASI , Secretary, and Technical Committee on Review of Contract (T.C.R.C) in Accra Ghana, Department of Works and Land Affairs/Gold minning. I got your contact address from GHANAIAN INFORMATION EXCHANGE (G.I.E) in my quest to find trustworthy person on whom we can repose confidence for colossal international money transaction. My aim of sending this "business proposal" to you is to solicit for your assistance and cooperation to transfer some huge amount of money into your account overseas. Therefore, communication should be held in high confidence. My colleague and I in the Department of Works and Land Affairs wish to transfer into a safe and secured account overseas, the sum of (US$18.7M) EIGHTEEN MILLION AND SEVEN HUNDRED THOUSAND UNITED STATES DOLLARS. Which is over-invoiced amount from contracts we awarded to foreign contractors who have been duly paid on completion of their various contracts. This money right now is in a coded account in the ECOBank of GHANA . However, by virtue of our position as civil servants, we cannot acquire these funds in our names or in the names of companies here in GHANA . My colleagues therefore asked me on trust and sincerity to look for a reliable international outfit partner abroad into whose account the sum of (18.7 MILLION) will be transferred. We shall arrange all documentation to support this claim and get approvals for the transfer of the fund for your benefit on our behalf and we have agreed on the following sharing ratio if you accept our proposal. Seventy percent (70%) for us and Thirty percent (30%) for you, the account owner my choice of you for this transaction is basically hanged on your field and profession, hence this business proposal. If you are interested in this deal, we will require your details in order to affect the transfer of the money. Note that if you are Afraid of Sending me your account information, I suggest that you Open a New Account with Zero Balance (NO MONEY INSIDE) and we shall effectively use it for this transaction provided that it can be able to Accommodate the Funds. Immediately I receive your response indicating your interest, I shall send you more details regarding the processes for ensuring prompt success in this viable transaction. Remember that your Faithfulness, and Confidentiality is mostly required. The project is perfected to be 100% risk free and we are sure that the funds we move to your Account within 5 working days if you agree to assist us, please do acknowledge the receipt of this letter with the above contacts. Best Regards, DR.J KUMAIS. - james kumasi

Letter 2057

Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2006 10:07:09 +0000 (GMT) From: "Zenith Bank" <> View Contact Details Add Mobile Alert Yahoo! DomainKeys has confirmed that this message was sent by Learn more Subject: Good Day, To: _

J'ai une nouvelle adresse mail

Vous pouvez maintenant m'écrire à :

Good Day,

With close inquiries made about you ,I believe you can handle this

matter.I humbly seek your assistance in a matter that needs outmost

trust and confidence. I am Dr. Jim Ovia, (MBA,ACIS)and I am the bank

manager of Zenith bank in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

There is an account in my bank that has not been updated in the last

nine years and it has the sum of $7,000,000.00 usd.This money has no

beneficiary and severe investigations show that the account belongs to

a foreign company belonging to Mr.Morris Thompson who died a couple of

years ago. Right now, I am willing to give you 20% of the total sum as

your own share if the money is transferred into your account.

The nature of your business is not relevant for the success of this

transaction. I have taken all necessary precautions to make sure that

the transaction is 100% risk free and it is believed that this

transaction will be completed within seven working days.I require you

to send me your private email address, phone and fax number for an easy and well

secured communication.

Please you must keep this transaction secret at all times until you

have received the fund in your account.You may also go through our

banking online site through ( ) to check out my

profile there and everything about my bank.When you log on the

website,you click on about us and after that,you scroll down to your left and have

a click on management team and i am very sure that you will get to the

page and have a look on our management team and me in personal.

Please do send to me your informations as stated below:

Full Name....................................

Contact Address..........................


Date of Birth..............................


Phone number.........................

Mobile phone..........................


Best regards,

Dr.Jim Ovia.

- Zenith Bank

Letter 2058

Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2006 06:12:18 +0100 (GMT+01:00) From: Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert Subject: Kindly Do Not Be Surprised

Kindly Do Not Be Surprised


I present my excuses in any way my message could have come as an offence to you since you are not aware of it. I am Maria Del Carmen Stevens a Swedish; my meeting with Mr. David Yendall Stevens in South Africa led us into marriage. My husband Mr. David Stevens who is now late was a farmer and exporter of Tobacco in the Republic Of Zimbabwe, he was shot dead allegedly by the ZANU-PF supporters in Zimbabwe on the 26th of April 2000 in his farm.

You can confirm this by copying and pasting this link on your internet browser or clicking on it:

The Zimbabwean government under the leadership of President Robert Mugabe announced a decree on May 31st 2000 to seize more than 849 white- owned farms. During these periods, as reported by world news media and the CNN, more than 50 white farmers were killed. The government did not stop at this, as just recently the government has asked all white- farmers to give up their farms to black farmers or risk going to prison. So far, more than 1,400 white owned farms have been invaded and confiscated, as well as claiming the properties of the farmers. Also, about 133 white farmers were arrested for defying the orders to leave their farms under the controversial land reform program of the government, among those arrested was my Late Husband who later died in the hands of the prison officials, during my last visit to the prison he had informed me that he had the sum of U.S$155,000,000.00 US DOLLARS (ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY FIVE MILLION US DOLLARS) lodged in a Company in South Africa.

He also said that the company does not know the contents in the safe box. He used my name to Deposit the money being his wife, he had advised me to leave the country since it was no longer safe for us being whites, he also advised that should he be killed that I should seek a foreign partner in a country of my choice where I will transfer this money and use it for investment purposes, Your assistance is therefore required in the following ways:

(1) To assist me to clear this fund from it's present location to any location of your choice.

(2) To serve as the guardian of this fund due to my lack of knowledge in the business sector.

I am willing to offer you some percentage of the total sum as compensation for your effort and input, I believe that this transaction could be concluded within 14 days from the day you signify interest to assist me, I await to hear from you as soon as possible in my email address:

Thanks and God bless you for your anticipated cooperation.


Letter 2059

Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2006 15:21:42 +0100 (GMT+01:00) From: Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert Subject: please contact me.

From The Desk Of Independent Committee of Eminent Persons (ICEP), Switzerland.

Attention: Sir/Madam

My name is Mr. John Peterson a member of Independent Committee Of Eminent Persons (ICEP), Switzerland. ICEP is charged with the responsibility of finding bank accounts in Switzerland belonging to non-Swiss indigenes, which have remained dormant since World War II.

It may interest you to know that in July of 1997, the Swiss Banker's Association published a list of dormant accounts originally opened by non-Swiss citizens. These accounts had been dormant since the end of World War II (May 9, 1945). Most belonged to Holocaust victims.

The continuing efforts of the Independent Committee of Eminent Persons (ICEP) have since resulted in the discovery of additional dormant accounts - 54,000 in December 1999. The published lists contain all types of dormant accounts, including interest-bearing savings accounts, securities accounts, safe deposit boxes, custody accounts, and non-interest-bearing transaction accounts.

Numbered accounts are also included. Interest is paid on accounts that were interest bearing when established.

The Claims Resolution Tribunal (CRT) handles processing of all claims on accounts due non-Swiss citizens. A dormant account of ORDNER ADELE with a credit balance of 60,000,000 US dollar plus accumulated interest was discovered by me. The beneficiary was murdered during the holocaust era, leaving no WILL and no possible records for trace of heirs.

The Claims Resolution Tribunal has been mandated to report all unclaimed funds for permanent closure of accounts and transfer of existing credit balance into the treasury of Switzerland government as provided by the law for management of assets of deceased beneficiaries who died interstate (living no wills).

Being a top executive at ICEP, I have all secret details and necessary contacts for claim of the funds without any hitch. The funds will be banked in a tax free country, where we can safely withdrew the funds and we can share the funds and use it for investment of our choice.

Due to the sensitive nature of my job, I need a foreigner to HELP claim the funds. All that is required is for you to provide me with your details for processing of the necessary legal and administrative claim documents for transfer of the funds to you.

Kindly provide me with your full name, address, and telephone/fax. I will pay all required fees to ensure that the fund is transferred to a secure, numbered account in your name in the, of which you will be capable of accessing the funds gradually and transferring to your country and other banks of your choice in the world.

My share will be 60 percent and your share is 40 per cent of the total amount. THERE IS NO RISK INVOLVED.

You can find additional information about unclaimed funds through the Internet at the following websites:

http://www.cnn. com/WORLD/europe/9902/09/germany.holocaust/


The Holocaust Claims Processing Office has put funds in Escrow awaiting submission of valid claims for necessary disbursement.

I find myself privileged to have this information and this may be a great opportunity for a lifetime of success without risks. Due to security reasons, reply to me my via email only.

Thank you for your prompt response.

Mr.John Peterson

Letter 2060

Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2006 04:46:52 -0700 (PDT) From: "loveth patrick" <> Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert Yahoo! DomainKeys has confirmed that this message was sent by Learn more Subject: From lovethpatrick To:

: Dearest One,

Good day and which i believe you will be of great assistants to me that will make the beginning of never-endingfamily relationship. I hope that this proposal will not be an inconvenience or embarrassment to you.I must not hesitate to confide in you this simple and sincere business,

My name is loveth patrick, I am 22 years of age, the only daughter of late Mr and Mrs mattin patrick, from Nshili District of Gikomgoro Province in Republic of Rwanda. My father before his death was a prosperous Cocoa and Gold merchant in Kigali, Republic of Rwanda before his untimely death, after his business trip to Abidjan -Cote d'Ivoire, to negotiate on a Cocoa and Gold business he wanted to invest in Abidjan - Coted'Ivoire.

My mother died when I was little ,and since then my father took me so special. Before his death on 12th November 2002 he told me that he has the sum of nine million,seven hundred thousand United State Dollars.(USD$9.700.000) he deposited with one of the security companies here in cote d,ivoire. that he wanted to use this fund to invest his cocoa business in cote d,ivoire. After the burial of my late father i came down to Abidjan here in Cote D,iviore .

i am just 22years old and a university undergraduate and really don't know what to do.and the normal option is for me to claim this fund out from the security company and to transfer it to a safe country , through a reliable friend/husband for investment and also continue my education in the country. because I have suffered a lot of set backs as a result of incessant political crisis here in cote d'ivoire.The death of my father actually brought sorrow to my life.

all the documents regarding to the deposit of the fund that was given to me by my late father is intact with me.I am in a sincere desire of your humble assistance in this regards.Your suggestions and ideas will be highly regarded.

please contact me with this my mail box for Now permit me to ask these few questions:

1. Can you honestly help me. 2. Can I completely trust you? 3. What percentage of the total amount in question will be good for you after the money is in your custody . Please,Consider this and get back to me as soon as posible.

Thank you so much and God bless you.

My sincere regards,

Miss lovethpatrick

Letter 2061

Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2006 20:32:20 +0800 (CST) From: "Mr. Lorraine Batty" <> View Contact Details Add Mobile Alert Yahoo! DomainKeys has confirmed that this message was sent by Learn more Subject: Calvary greetings in the name of God To:



Calvary greetings in the name of God,

Greetings to you in the most wonderful name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. His richest blessings shall be upon you forever.

I am Mr. Lorraine Batty, 45 years old from United Kingdom, My late father was killed by his business associate in 2004, and during the same period both my son and wife were also murdered in cold blood, I am now afraid of showing myself to them (Business Associate Including members of my Family) as all are after my life too, All because after the death of my father, I inherited all his business and wealth. Currently, I am suffering from leukemia. From all indications, my condition is really deteriorating and is quite obvious that I may not live more than six months, because the cancer stage has gotten to a very severe stage.

Infact, my personal physician told me that I may not live for more than six months and I am so scared about this. So, I now decided to divide part of this wealth, by contributing to the well being of less privileged people and handicapped in the society of Asian, which is in my place, America, Europe and African Countries.

This mission, which will no doubt be tasking had made me to recently relocate from my family house to new place where I live presently due to the pressure my family members are giving me as they want to share the fund within them self? which I don't want. I selected you for this Purpose and prayed over it, I am willing to donate the sum of $11,300,000.00 (Eleven million three hundred thousand us dollars) to you for the development of the well being of handicapped in the society and also as aids for the less privileged ,and I have mapped out $1,300,000.00 (one million three hundred thousand us dollars) for your own personal use to help me in this work.

Please note that, this fund is currently in Security Company in Europe and, therefore my ATTORNEY will file an immediate application for the release of the money in your name. Please, do not reply me if you have the intention of using this fund for personal use, than enhancement of the comfort of the Handicapped. Lastly, I want you/your home to be praying for me as regards my entire life and my health because I have come to find out since my spiritual rebirth lately that wealth acquisition without God in one's life is vanity upon vanity.

Attorney Data?:

Names Barrister Fred Tony.

Telephone: +447031902291

Fax: +442079006906

If you do not feel comfortable with this transaction, do not hesitate to discontinue. Thanks for your anticipated co-operation and my regards to your family.

l await your urgent reply.

Mr. Lorraine Batty.

- Mr. Lorraine Batty

Letter 2062

Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2006 05:19:25 +0530 (IST) From: "musa rasaq" <> View Contact Details Add Mobile Alert Yahoo! DomainKeys has confirmed that this message was sent by Learn more Subject: hello To:

I have a new email address!

You can now email me at:





ATTN: Sir/Madam,

I am the Chairman of the Contract Award Committe,Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources,Nigeria. I am in search of an agent to assist us in the transfer of Fifty Million and Four Hundred Thousand United States Dollars and subsequent investment in properties in your country. You will be required to :

[1]. Assist in the Transfer of the said Sum

[2]. Advice on Lucrative areas of Investment

[3]. Assist us in purchase of properties.

If you decide to render your service to us in this regard,you will be compensated with 20% of the total sum. Please reply to indicate your willingness in assisting us with this email address indicating if you can assist, so that I will give you full details about this project, please do include your direct Telephone and Fax numbers for easier communication. Thanks for your Anticipated Assistance.

Yours Sincerely,



- musa rasaq

Letter 2063

From: "Dr.Peter Chang" <> Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert To: Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2006 14:48:25 +0800 Subject: Good Day.

Dr.Peter Chang Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

ATTN: Sir/Madam,


I want to transfer ($15,300.000.00 USD)Fifteen Million Three Hundred United States Dollars from a Bank here in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia to oversea account. First,I must solicit your strictest confidence in this transaction.This is by virtue of it's nature as being utterly confidential.I am sure and have confidence of your ability and reliability to prosecute a transaction of this great magnitude.I solicit your assistance to enable us transfer the said amount into your account for onward investment.You can either provide us with an existing account or set up a new Bank account immediately to receive this funds, even an empty account will accomodate this funds,as long as you will remain honest to me till the end for this crucial business as I will be trusting in you and believing that you will never let me down either now or in future.

I am Dr.Peter Chang a personal account officer to a Deceased great INDUSTRIALIST who has an account in one of the top banks here in Malaysia. The account was opened in 1998 and he died in the year 2000 without a written or oral WILL and since then nobody has operated on this account nor come forward as the beneficiary.Hence the money is floating and if it is not remitted out urgently it will be forfeited for nothing since the bank was sold on Monday,19 September 2005 to another Bank.Currently,the present management of the bank is now ready to conclude all transactions before fully handling over to the new management which is an added advantage to perfect this transaction.The funds will be released to any foreigner with the accurate information of the account which will be made known to you immediately you signify your interest to execute this transaction with me.The owner of this account is a foreigner and no other person knows about this account or anything concerning it,the account has no other beneficiary .My investigation through the National immigration department proved to me as well that he was single as at the point of his entry into Malaysia.The amount in this account is USD$15.3 Million (Fiteen Million Three Hundred Thousand United States Dollars )only.As a matter of fact, I have decided to transfer this fund abroad for investment. Your assistance as a foreigner is necessary because a local person here can not be presented as the next of kin to the deceased customer based on the fact that he was a foreigner and only a foreigner will be welcomed by the management of the Bank to apply for claims as the beneficiary.

There is no risk in this transaction with my position and my personal contact with the manager of the bank the money can be transferred to any account you will provide with assurance that the money will be intact pending our physical arrival in your Country for division.Importantly,the transfer of Six Million [$6,000.000] will be initiated,upon success of the transfer without any disappointment from your side,we shall then re-apply for the payment of the remaining balance of $9.3 Million into your account. To enable us forge ahead with this transaction kindly send your preferred account details where you want the fund to be transferred or you can set up a new account for the purpose of this transaction, an empty account will also be suitable.At the conclusion of the transfer 20% will be yours for your honest committment and positive contributions to enhance the success of this transaction,and the remaining 80% for me which ,I intend to invest in any area you deem profitable.

As soon as I hear from you,and upon your strong assurance that you will not let me down once the fund goes into your account I will then start to process the transfer of the fund to your account without further delay.

If interested contact me urgently for further details.

Yours Faithfully, Dr.Peter Chang

Letter 2064

From: "kofi ibrahim" <> Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert Subject: URGENT REPLY............ Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2006 20:51:00 +0000

DR KOFI IBRAHIM. The Manager of Audit and Account Department, BANK OF AFRICA ( B.O.A ) Ouagadougou, Burkina-Faso.

Dear Friend,

Please read carefully and get back to me, I hope that you are well today.I am the Manager of Audit and account dept of our bank, with due respect, i decided to contact you over this business financial transaction worth the sum of TEN MILLION THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND UNITED STATES DOLLARS ($10,300,000m) in other to entrust this fund into your bank account. This is an abandoned fund that belongs to the one of our bank customers who died along with his entire family on 25th July,2001 in a plane crash disaster. I was very fortune to meet the deceased file when i was arranging the old and abandoned customers files of 2000-2001 in other to submit to the bank managements accordingly for documentation purposes.

Following our banking financial policy, it was obviously indicated and signed law fully that if such money remains unclaimed after five years without somebody been a foreigner apply and claim the fund as the next of kin , the money will be transferred into the Bank Treasury as an unclaimed fund. So the request of you as a foreigner is necessarily needed for the claim because a citizen of Burkina Faso cannot come forward to claim the fund since the law does not permit an indigene to claim such fund Since the real beneficary of the fund is died , the bank are expecting the next of kin to apply for the release of the fund for him or her without delay but unfortunately i learnt through the investigations which I carried out that there is nobody behind who can come and claim the fund.

Therefore I want you to apply to the bank with your reliable bank account details where our bank will transfer the fund into and immediately the fund is transferred into your account ,i will share the fund according to the percentage indicated below.

SIXTY PERCENT (60%) of the total fund will be for me.THIRTY PERCENT( 30%) for you in provision of the Bank account.FIVE PERCENT(5%) will be for unexpected expenses which may occur during the transfer.FIVE PERCENT(5%) will be preserved for helping the helpless people, like charity organization and motherless babies. Thereafter you will help me to visit your country for sharing the money according to the percentage indicated above.

And for the immediate transfer of this fund into your bank account as arranged, you must apply first to the bank as the only existing next of kin to the deceased customer and after approval which will take place immediately as you applied, the transfer of the fund into your nominated bank account will proceed

Please note that you should keep this business secret until you confirm the transfer into the bank account which you will provide. And there is NO RISK in this business.

The bank will forward to you all necessary documents related to the transfer and which will prove that you make a legal claim of inheritance. It is true that i pray to GOD before i was pushed forward to contact you for this business but i want you to assure me solemnly that you are atrsutwothy,reliable,honest and capable to avoid cheating me in this business.If you are really sure of your integerity,reply immediatelly you receive this mail for more detailed information on how the process to transfer the fund into your account will be.

Yours faithfully, DR KOFI IBRAHIM.

Letter 2065

Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2006 19:48:08 +0000 (GMT) From: "MR JOHN PAUL" <> View Contact Details Add Mobile Alert Yahoo! DomainKeys has confirmed that this message was sent by Learn more Subject: I AM WAITING YOUR REPLY TODAY. To:

J'ai une nouvelle adresse mail

Vous pouvez maintenant m'écrire à :





My Dear Friend,

I feel quite safe and satisfy dealing with you in this mutual

beneficial transaction.

Though, this medium (Internet) has been greatly abused, Ichoose to reach you through it because it still remains the fastest,surest and most secured medium of communication.

However, this correspondence is purely private, and it should be treated as such. l also guarantee you that this deal is hitch free from all what you may think of and I encourage you to read it to the end so that you can understand it very well.

I am Mr. JOHN PAUL, Executive Directorin charge of Claims and Indemnity of Prudential Insurance Company.

I am contacting you based on Trust and confidentiality that will be

attached to this deal for the benefit of both of us.

The Management and the Legal / Treasury Department of this Prudential Insurance Company in a recent meeting, recommended that the account of MR. ROBERT FINKELSTEIN, who maintained a Life Assurance Policy,should be declared Dormant and confisticated hence moving his unclaimed benefits funds to the Treasury according to our Banking and Financial law.

Recently, I came across a very huge sum of money belonging to a deceased person (MR.ROBERT FINKELSTEIN). He is a foreigner, unfortunately He is now late as he was amongst those that on the recent plane crash during his visit to London

This man was our client and has a Life Assurance Policy WORTH the sum of Forty Five Million United States Dollars (US$45,000,000.00). Right now, the fund is lying unclaimed in our custody and there is NO next of kin mentioned in his file and there is no how we can reach any of his relatives. All efforts made by us to establish contacts with any other of his relation has proved abortive and unsuccessful. His life Assurance Policy will expire in the next few months from the date of this letter.

Just last week we received an instruction from Ministry of Social Welfare to forward particulars of all unclaimed benefits that will expire in the next few months.

Upon my personal finding on this matter, I kept this information secret

to myself until now that I am contacting you. In view of the fact that the

deceased customer is a foreigner (from a different country), it is

Officially important for the involvement of a foreigner who will pose as a next-of-kin.

I will use my exalted position in this Insurance Company to present you as his Next of Kin as you can be his relative, friend or Cousin and the Money (US$45Million) will be Safely transfered into your own bank account in your country.

Please include your telephone/fax number/ Home Address when

replying this mail and I will give you more information as soon as you indicate your willingness to assist in this viable transaction.

I will use my exalted position here to get all internal documentations to back up the claims.

The whole Procedures will last only 5 working days to get the fund

retrieved successfully Without trace even in future.

Please I need the following:





The transaction will be done successfully and smoothly completed via

email and phone. Send your full name, address and telephone number to me via email urgently today so that I will call you for discussions.

I PROMISE that you must be happy and shall rejoice greatly soonest for co-operating with me in this transaction.After successful conclussion of this transaction, we

shall share the money 50-50 (50% for you and 50% for me).

I await your good response today.

Thanks and remain bless.

I require you to maintain the confidentiality

of this transaction because it is important due to the fact that I am still in active services to the Prudential Insurance Company.

Your earliest response to this matter is very important.


Best Regards,





Letter 2066

Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2006 20:29:24 +0100 (GMT+01:00) From: Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert Subject: Re.Thanks for your mail-please call me

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a member of the Nkuzi Development Association, a non profit organisation registered in South Africa as a section 21 company (97 20743/08) and providing a range of support services to historically-disadvantaged communities wishing to improve their rights and access to land. The core purpose of Nkuzi is to enable and support marginalised rural and peri-urban communities in exercising their land and related rights. Our aim is to facilitate the acquisition of land and its productive and sustainable use.

About 1.6 millions white farmers and dwellers have been evicted from farms since 1984 and about 164,185 households have benefited from the reform programme since 1994, less than 5% of the government’s target, 30% of agricultural land by 2014 has been redistributed.

Presently, the South African government with the help of the Nkuzi Development Association and the ABSA Bank of South Africa is returning seized farm lands monitory value back to its initial white farm owners, whom had worked on their farm for 10 to 20 years, after evaluating their economic contributed to the growth of Agriculture in South Africa.

An evicted farmer in 1988 Mr. Cho Kwiyoung, with farm value of 93 million rand which is equivalent to about US$15.5 Million, has been invited for claim/payment by the ABSA BANK since February 2000 and no news from him, Nkuzi Development Association has made everything possible to locate Mr. Cho Kwiyoung relation or next of kin but no positive news, as a director of the Association I took personal interest to carry out a research on him, then was rightly informed that Mr. Cho Kwiyoung, is an American citizen died in a plane crash [Korean Air Flight 801] with the whole passengers on board in August 6, 1997, passenger.list

Based on this, I secretly seek advice from a Banker and he made me understand that things like this do happen and if at the end of the day, no one comes forward to make claim of the funds that the chairman and board of directors of the bank will declare the funds as '' Unclaimed '' and subsequently divert it for their personal use.

In order to avert this negative development, I now seek your permission to have you stand as the Next of Kin to Mr. Cho Kwiyoung, so that the funds will be released to you as the beneficiary Next of Kin instead of the Bank chairman and directors to claim the funds into their private pocket.

On your acceptance of this proposal, please call me on tel number : +27767606904.or forward to my private email : with your complete name, address and contact phone number for effective communication. Note that this transaction is very safe and risk free and the US$15.5 Million would be share on a 50 – 50 bases between us.

Regards, Mr. Lucas .M. Tel: +27767606904.

Letter 2067

Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2006 01:18:57 +0100 (GMT+01:00) From: Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert Subject: MY FRIEND !!!

Dear Friend,

Greetings and complement of the season.I am Mr. Rafael Zumala Auditor General of one of the prime banks here in South Africa, This letter might surprise you because we have not met neither in person nor by correspondence,but please you should exercise some patience and read through my message.

I have a very urgent and confidential business proposal for you. We want to transfer to overseas account ($126,000.000.00 USD) One hundred and twenty six million United States Dollars) from a Prime Bank in Africa,from our bank. I have the courage to look for a reliable and honest person who will be capable for this important Business,believing that you will never let me down either now or in future.

HOW THE MONEY CAME ABOUT: There is an account opened in the bank in 1996 and since 2000 nobody has operated on this account again,after going through some old files in the records I discovered that if I do not remitte this money out urgently it will be forfeited for nothing.

The owner of this account is Mr Laurie T Pierre, he is a foreigner and an industrialist,he died since 1999,and since then no other person knows about this account or anything concerning it. secondly he did not clearify his next of kin in his deposition form when he deposited this fund in our bank.

The account has no other beneficiary and my investigation proved to me as well that his company does not know anything about this account and the amount involved is ($126,000.000.00 USD).

Finally,at the conclusion of this business,you will be given 25% of the total ammount,70% will be for me , while 5% will be for expenses both parties might have incured during the process of this transaction.

I look forward to your earliest reply at my Please you should include your phone and fax number for easly communications. You can call me with my phone number TEL: 27 766 410090 .

Rafael Zumala.

Letter 2068

From: "Mr Martins Beke" <> Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2006 21:35:37 +0200 Subject: Assalammuolakum

Mr.Martins Beke. Commercial Bank Of Senegal 118 Rue Dial Grandyorff Dakar Senegal West Africa.

Dear Friend, I cant imagine how you will feel receiving a sudden business letter from a remote country in far away Africa and probably from someone you are not closely related with. But all the same, I believe we do not need to be of blood relatives before we can establish cordial/business relationship. Having said this,I think it is very important at this juncture to introduce myself to you. I am Mr.Martins Beke, Head: Enterprise Wide Risk and member of the executive and risk committees of Commercial Bank Of,Senegal.I got your information while browsing through internet in search of a reliable person who will assist me.This is an urgent and very confidential business proposition. On June 7, 2000,a Foreign Oil consultant/contractor with the Senegal Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, Mr.Kurt Kahle made a numbered time(Fixed) Deposit for twelve calendar months, valued at US$10,500, 000.00,(Ten Million, five hundred thousand Dollars). Upon maturity,I sent a routine notification to his forwarding address but got no reply. After a month, we sent a reminder and finally we discovered from his Private Business School. employers, that On the 31st of July 2000, our client, with his 37-year-old wife and his son Michael, aged eight died in the Air France concord plane crash bound for New York in their plan for a world cruise, with other passengers abroad as you can confirm it yourself via the website below: On further investigation,I found out that he died without making a "WILL",and all attempts to trace his next of kin was fruitless. I therefore made further investigation and discovered that Mr.Mr.Kurt Kahle did not declare any next of kin or relations in all his official documents,including his Bank Deposit paperwork in my Bank. This sum of US$10,500,000.00 has carefully been fixed in my bank for safekeeping. No one will ever come forward to claim it.According to Senegal Law, at the expiration of 6 (six) years, the money will revert to the ownership of the Government if nobody applies to claim the fund. Consequently, my proposal is that I will like you as a foreigner to stand as the next of kin to Mr. Kurt Kahle so that the fruit of this old man's labor will not get into the hands of some corrupt Government officials.I am writing you because I as a public servant,i cannot operate a foreign account. I want to present you as the owner of the funds so you will be able to claim them with the help of my attorney.I will like you to provide immediately your full names and address so that the Attorney will prepare the necessary documents which will put you in place as the beneficiary of the funds. The money will be moved out for us to share in the ratio of 60% for me and 40% for you. The paperwork for this transaction will be done by the Attorney If you are interested, please reply immediately via my email address and upon your response,I shall then provide you with more details that will help you understand the transaction. Please observe utmost confidentiality, and be rest assured that this transaction would be most profitable for both of us because I shall require your assistance to invest my share in real estate within your country. Due to the nature of confidentiality in this Transaction our communication can only be via email and fax mostly. Awaiting your urgent reply via Thanks and my regards. Mr.Martins Beke. PLEASE REPLY TO MY PRIVATE NOTE: If however, you are not disposed to assist, kindly delete/destroy this email in view of the confidentiality of the proposed transaction and interest of personalities involves.

Letter 2069

Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2006 11:24:30 +0100 (GMT+01:00) From: "hameed toure" <> Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert Subject: Be a good friend.

Dear beloved,

My name is Hameed Toure, A Bahrain national, As you read this story, I do not want you to feel sorry for me as I know everyone will die someday. I have been diagnosed with Oesophageal cancer and it has defiled all forms of medical treatment, and right now I have only about a few months to live, according to medical experts. I have not particularly lived my life so well, as I never really cared for anyone (not even myself) but my business. Though I was very rich, I was never generous, I was always hostile to people and only focused on my business as that was the only thing I cared for. But now I regret all this as I now know that there ismore to life than just wanting to have or make all the money in the world.

I believe when God gives me a second chance to come to this world I would live my life a different way from how I have lived it. Now that God has called me, I have willed and given most of my property and assets to my immediate and extended family members as well as a few close friends .I want God to be merciful to me and accept my soul so, I have decided to give alms to charity organizations, as I want this to be one of the last good deeds I do on earth. So far, I have Distributed money to some charity organizations in the U.A.E, Somalia and Malaysia.

Now that my health has deteriorated so badly, I cannot do this myself anymore. I once asked members of my family to close one of my accounts and distribute the money which I have there to charity organization in Bulgaria and Pakistan, they refused and kept the money to themselves. Hence, I do not trust them anymore, as they seem not to be contended with what I have left for them. The last of my money which no one knows of is the huge cash deposit of Eighteen Eight Million Five Hundred Thousand United States ($18,500,000.00) that I have with a finance House abroad. I will want you to help me collect this deposit and despatch it to charity organizations.

Please note that 20% of this funds must go to the hurricane katrina victims and another 25% for your effort and time and the remaining funds can be disbursed to other charity organisations.

I will provide you with further details immediately I hear from you. Please respond through this email address as I might not be checking the email I used in sending this message to you: mr.

Regards. Hameed Toure mr.hameed_toure@yahoo.


Letter 2070

Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2006 01:51:34 +0100 (BST) From: Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert Subject: dear one

Good day,

My name is Mr Ben Jack, I am the Personal Assistant and Chief Security Detail to Chief Mrs Stella Obasanjo, the wife of Nigeria's President who died in a Spanish hospital after undergoing an asthetic surgery on sunday 23rd October 2005,You may follow the Link below to read about her death.

http://community.nigeria. com/nspace/stella_obasanjo_died_of_multi_organ_failure

I am in a confused state because I dont know what to do because of my Boss sudden death. I am in possession of the security vote amounting to Thirty Million United States Dollars which madam gave me to deposit with a finance company. For Security reasons the funds were deposited in my name.

Because of the current situation, I wish to immediately move out The funds to a foreign reliable partner who have the financial muscle to receive the funds and keep it safe. This is my reason for contacting you and you should know that your interest will be accommodated for recieving this fund on my behalf. As the situation is now, I cannot disclose this money to the President because of the current Anti Corruption drive of the President. I have been adviced to seek a trusted foreign partner who will receive the funds and as an associate of late Chief Mrs Obasanjo.

Please treat this matter as highly confidential and get back to me immediately. Madam has been buried on friday 27th October 2005.

May God Bless you and your Family.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr Ben Jack.

Letter 2071

Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2006 13:24:03 +0200 From: Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert To: Subject: FROM KELVIN SANKOH,














Letter 2072

Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2006 22:20:11 +0100 From: Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert Subject: FROM: ANTHONY ELUMELU


Dear Friend

My name is ANTHONY ELUMELU, the Managing Director of STANDARD TRUST BANK PLC. I am using this medium to solicite for your assistant regarding FUND TRANSFER ABROAD. At my disposal, I have an over- invoiced sum of $25m USD (Twenty Five Million United State Dollars) which can

only be claim by a foreigner. This fund came as a result of over- invoiced cost of the Rehabilitation and Renovation of Passport Immigration Offices in Lagos, handled by a German Contractor WOLFGANG POHL ENGINEERING GMBH, GERMANY; and after receiving payment, the left over could only be claim by an alien citizen. Hence, I want you to make this claim so that the fund could be release to your chosen account abroad where I will join you for onward disbursement.

I have all the necessary certified back-up documentations that will prove you as the ownership of the fund. You will be receiving 35% of the said fund for your assistance, 60% will be mine as the initiator of this business while 5% will be use for any expenses that may be incur as this transaction progresses either from telephone bills or fax messages

As soon as you receive this message, indicate your interest by sending me your telephone and fax number for effective communication.

I look forward working with you.

Best regards,



Letter 2073

From: "" <> Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert To: _ Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2006 11:56:57 +0100 Subject: From Ms. Faith Wember

From Ms. Faith Wember (

Dear, I am introducing my self as Ms. Faith Wember, the only Dauther of late Chief and Mrs Gabriel Wember, I wish to request for your assistance in a financial transaction. I got your contact from a member of this your site, And I wish to invest in Manufacturing and real estate management in your country.

I have Nine million two houndred thousand united states dollars.USD($9.200,000) to invest in your country, and I will require your assistance in receiving the funds in your personal/company account for investment, I will be gladly to give you 10% of the total sum for your assistance.

please it is very important you contact me immediately on my private email address:( for further explanation on how we will proceed.

Awaiting your immediate response Thanks and God bless. Best Regards Faith

Letter 2074

Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2006 20:34:37 -0600 Subject: FROM THE DESK OF MR.AZIZE OUATTARA From: "azize_ouattara123" <> Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert To:


I am the manager of bill and exchange at the foreign remittance department of AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK BURKINA FASO. I got your contact address through internet net work search when searching for a good and reliable person that will assist me in this transaction.

In my department we discovered an abandoned sum of 22.85m US Dollars (twenty two milllion eight hundred and Fifty thousand us dollars)in an account thatbelongs to one of our foreign customer who died on 25th JULY 2000 IN SUPER SONIC CONCORDE plane crash AT CHARLES DE GAULLE AIRPORT IN PARIS FRANCE along with his entire family.

Since we got information about his death, we have been expecting his next of kin to come over and claim his money because we cannot release it unless somebody applies for it as next of kin or relation to the deceased as indicated in our banking guidelines but unfortunately we learnt that all his supposed next of kin or relation died alongside with him at the plane crash leaving nobody behind for the claim. It is therefore upon this discovery that I decided to make this business proposal to you and release the money to you as the next of kin or relation to the deceased for safety and subsequent disbursement since nobody is coming for it and i don't want this money to go into the Bank treasury as unclaimed Bill.

The Banking law and guideline here stipulates that if such money remained unclamed after seven year, the money will be transfered into the Bank treasury as unclaimed fund.

The request of foreigner as next of kin in this business is occasioned by the fact that the customer was a foreigner and a Burkinabe cannot stand as next of kin to a foreigner.

I agree that 30% of this money will be for you as foreign partner, in respect to the provision of a foreign account and 70% would be for ME;

Therefore to enable the immediate transfer of this fund to you as arranged, you must apply first to the bank as relations or next of kin of the deceased indicating your bank name, your bank account number, your private telephone and fax number for easy and effective communication and location where in the money will be remitted.

Upon receipt of your reply, I will send to you by fax or email the text of the application. I will not fail to bring to your notice that this transaction is hitch free and that you should not entertain any atom of fear as all required arrangements have been made for the transfer.

You should contact me immediately as soon as you receive this mail through my private line +22676524743 or email adress Your's faithfully MR.AZIZE OUATTARA BILL AND EXCHANGE MANAGER AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK OUAGADOUGOU,BURKINA FASO

Letter 2075

Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2006 18:41:12 +0700 (GMT) Subject: FROM: MR SGT MANNA HIOPE MAYO From: "SGT MAYOMAN" <> Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert

FROM: MR SGT MANNA HIOPE MAYO EMAIL Good Day, I hope my email meets you well. I am in need of your assistance. My name is MR,MR SGT MANNA HIOPE MAYO Jr. I am in the Engineering military unit here in Abuja Nigeria ,we have about $25 Million US dollars that we want to move out of the country. My partners and I need a good partner someone we can trust. It is oil money and legal.


But we are moving it through diplomatic means, to send it to your house directly or a bank of your choice using diplomatic courier service.The most important thing is that can we trust you? Once the funds get to you, you take your 40% out and keep our own 60%. Your own part of this deal is to find a safe place where the funds can be sent to. Our own part is sending it to you.If you are interested i will furnish you with more details. But the whole process is simple and we must keep a low profile at all times.

I have contacted the sponsor He said he will raise the funds needed to proccess the completion of this transaction.He said he will instruct is principal to issue the MONEY ORDERS OR CASHER'S CHEQUE PAYMENT which will be sent to you by the FEDEX or UPS which would come in form of a MONEY ORDER OR CASHER'S CHEQUE

i have finalised arrangement with a financier who will finance the project from the begining to the end for us .this means you will not spend any money the financier will do all the spending till the final end of the transaction, I look forward to your reply and co-operation, and I thank you in advance as I anticipate your co-operation.You can reach me on via email :

we require you to immediately indicate your interest by providing the below informations

1.Your full Name And Address 2.Your personal Telephone/Fax number 3.Your country of orgin and residence 4.Your Age and Your Profession

Waiting for your urgent response. Regards, SGT MANNA HIOPE

Letter 2076

From: "Smith Jerry Ford" <> Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert To: Date: Sat, 22 Apr 2006 01:38:01 +0200 Subject: FOR OUR MUTUAL BEBEFIT

Mr. Smith Jerry Ford


In appreciation of your esteemed contact received trough a reliable source and the choiceof your country which have a stable and strong economy. I wish to introduce myself to you. My name is Mr. Smith Jerry Ford, the stepson of Mr. Terry Ford of Zimbabwe. During the current crisis against the white farmers of Zimbabwe by the supporters of President Robert Mugabe to claim all the white owned farms in our country, he ordered all the white farmers to surrender their farms to his sister, party members and loyalists.

Mr. Terry Ford, my father was one of the farmers in the country and knowing that he did not support the president's political ideology; the president's loyalist invaded my father's farms on March 18th 2002 and burnt down everything, killed him (My father) and confiscated all his investment and properties. Before this ugly incident, my Mother and Terry had already visited Spain and deposited the sum of Forty-six million dollars (US$46.m) in the safe vault a security and financial company in Madrid, Spain. This action was taken because Mr. Terry Ford growing tension on the farm issue although he never anticipated the tragedy that brought his brutal death. At the time he deposited the consignment, the actual content was not disclosed to the financial company officials, instead, it was deposited as a family Treasure / Valuables? Valued for the real content in the consignment.

After the bloody incident, we all had to escape to Spain for safety of our lives. On getting to Barcelona, Spain, where my mother and I having been living as a political refugees. I am therefore seeking your assistance as a trustworthy person, in moving this fund out for safe banking and profitable investments in your country. I contacted you because I cannot invest this fund in Spain due to my status here as a political refugee, and I wouldn't want to take a risk because this funds is all that I and my mother is depending upon for the rest of our lives. We want to be prudent with these funds.

My mother and I are seriously looking forward to a trusted person that will assist us with the convenient and legal transfer of funds out of Spain. If you accept my proposition to transfer these funds to your country, we will offer you twenty-five percent (25%) of the total sum, and five percent (5%) will beset aside to cover any expenses incurred during this transaction. Seventy percent (70%) will be used for investment into equity shares, in your company or any profitable investment in your country under your supervision.

We would appreciate your confidentiality and honest in our correspondence. Your immediate response will highly appreciate. You can always contact me with the above email address, or telephone numbers so that we can arrange to have a meeting to conclude this transaction as soon as possible in Madrid or Barcelona. I will be looking forward to hearing from you soonest. You can visit this links. farmer's dog rescued-March19, 2002

Yours faithfully, Smith Jerry Ford

Letter 2077

From: "REVD.FR PETER CLARK" <> Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert To: _ Subject: God bless you


Dear Friend, May almighty God bless you as you read. I am Rev. Fr. Peter Clark, a senior staff with the UN special duties office ;my office monitors and controls the affairs of all banks and financial institutions. I have before me list of funds, which could not be transferred to some nominated accounts as these accounts have been identified either as ghost accounts, unclaimed deposits and over-invoiced sum etc; I have the opportunity to write you based on the instructions among others i received days ago from the officer in the computer section in person of Engineer James Reed,to bring out part total pending payment with reference number (LM-05-371) amounting US$10 million. The (Ten Million Dollars) is arranged in a security-proof box weighing 75kg. In order to get the box shipped.

Be that as it may, I am conditionally prepared to assist you get the money, in connivance with local collaborators to conceal the authentic source of the funds.A friend of mine who is a diplomat disclosed to me that there is a security courier service company that is specialised in sending diplomatic materials and information from one country to another, with diplomatic immunity and consignment such as this cannot be checked by any customs anywhere in the world unlike Dhl, Ems, FedEx and Ups because they will have to open the box for inspection by the customs before shipment. I have therefore met the official of the security courier service and concluded shipping arrangement with them, which they will commence as soon as I have your go ahead order. The diplomat will bring the consignment to you he has been in this line of work for many years now ;so you have notting to worry about.I am assuring you.

And my only condition for the unusual assistance is after all arrangements we have concluded that you must donate Five Hundred Thousand United States dollars (US$500,000.00) to any charity organisation as soon as you receive your money. To this effect, you will send to us a promissory note for the donation along with your address where you will like the box to be delivered to by courier.

Please maintain topmost secrecy as it may cause a lot of problems if found out that we are using this way to help you. It is my prayer that God should make you understand the nature of this transaction. i hope to hear from you soon then i will furnish you with more details.

Yours Faithfully, Revd. Fr. Peter Clark. Director, Special Duties.UN/WBF. 

Letter 2078

From: "PROFF.ANTHONIO MARCO" <> Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert To: Subject: RE: INVESTMENT REQUEST. Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2006 18:54:34 +0200

MARTINS HAMBERT CORSO VITTORIO EMANUELE 11. N°89/A TORINO ITALY. 2006/07/03 Dear Sir/Madam, Please do not be surprised on receiving this email. Though we might not have a personal relationship or have met each other, we could work together on this project I am about to introduce to you. First I would like to introduce myself. My name is MARTINS HAMBERT (Barrister) I am a financial consultant based in Turin Italy. I have a client ( A widow) from Zimbabwe and she has Four Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars only (USD 4.500,000.00) with a private security company for safekeeping in ITALY she had indicated her interest to invest on properties in your country This is her choice country and hence my contacting you. Her interest is in properties in choice areas with potentials for rapid growth in long terms. My client is interested in placing part of her fund in you/your company, if your country' bi-laws allows foreign investment. And she is willing to offer you 15% of the total fund if you can assist her transfer this fund to your country or any bank of your wish. You can contact me for more details via phone , fax or the above indicated Email:( ) with your reference for more details. Yours faithfully, DR.MARTINS HAMBERT. NB: The fund is free from drug and laundering related offences and this transaction need utmost confidentiality

Letter 2079

Date: Mon, 1 May 2006 12:59:10 +0100 (GMT+01:00) From: Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert Subject: for your consideration

Dear Sir/Madam,

As you read this, I don't want you to feel sorry for me; because I believe everyone dies someday. My names are Mrs. Lina Ibrahim, a merchant in Saudi Arabia. I have been diagnosed with esophageal cancer and it has defied all forms of medical treatment, right now I have only about a few months to live. I have not lived so well, I have never cared for anyone or anything except my business .If God gives me a second chance, I would live differently.

Now that I face the inevitable, I have willed and given most of my property and assets to my immediate and some of my extended family members as well as a few close friends. I desperately seek God's mercy , so I have decided to commit certain funds solely to a noble cause.

I currently have the sum of US$12.600 000, Twelve Million Six Hundred Thousand US Dollars with a Security/Finance Company in Europe, I will require you to collect this funds and assist me in my soul's project of distributing it to charity organizations that I will nominate, You will be compensated with 20% of the total funds for you time and dedication . I will make available further details and guidiance as soon as you contact me

For security reason you should only contact me on my private email.

God bless you Mrs. Lina Ibrahim

Letter 2080

Date: Mon, 1 May 2006 04:07:43 -0700 (PDT) From: "Abdullah Gh Qassab" <> View Contact Details Add Mobile Alert Yahoo! DomainKeys has confirmed that this message was sent by Learn more Subject: Asallam-O-Alaikun To:

I have a new email address!

You can now email me at:


I got your email address through search in the Internet.

I hope in the name of ALLAH that I have the right person who will assist me.I want to transfer money for investment into your country.

As such I would like to make contact with people like you residing in that country for assistance Note, the funds are already with a security company,which also has branches in Europe and America for safe keeping.If you are willing to assist me.

You will help me collect the funds from the Security Company as I cannot travel out from iraq at the moment because of certain conditions which I will explain to you if we work together(my travelling documents are not yet complete).The fall of Saddam Hussein has brought destruction/ Hell to our great country and everything is practically difficult now and

opportuinities are closing up,the new government is trying to frustrate our businesses. Please if you accept this offer of assistance you are required to give me your Name, age, occupation, address also enclosing your telephone fax numbers. What I now need from you are as follows:

1.You should travel to the Security Company to secure the funds in cash on my behalf and open a Bank account in your country for me with the credentials i will give you.

2.You will be entitled to 30% of the total sum involved for your assistance.

3. As soon as you confirm to me by e-mail your readiness to travel to the Security Company as my Family\'s proxy , I will send the PIN code number of the consignment to you and also the security Company\'s information.

4. I will also most importantly know if you have the apprioprate travel documents and send to me your travelling documents for my proceedings over here.

5. Please note that this project is 100% risk free but you must keep it very secret and confidential with strong assurance that you will not let me down at all.

I eagerly await your reply


Abdullah Gh Al-qassab

- Abdullah Gh Qassab

Letter 2081

Date: Mon, 1 May 2006 09:33:15 +0000 (GMT) From: "Williams Mbomah" <> View Contact Details Add Mobile Alert Yahoo! DomainKeys has confirmed that this message was sent by Learn more Subject: Dear Friend, To: _

I have a new email address!

You can now email me at:

Dear Friend,

I am well confident of your capability of executing this business for

the mutual benefit of both families, believing that you will not expose

or betray the trust and confident I am about to repose on you. I am

contacting you with the greatest delight and personal respect.

I am Williams Mbomah, the first son of Late Chief Terry Mbomah, the


OWNER OF ODUWA FARMES who was recently murdered by the Forces Loyal to

Corporal Foday Sankoh, due to his support to the incumbent elected

President Tejan Kabbah to remain in the office as reported on the cable

Network News (CNN) and by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

Few days before my father was Assassinated, he confided in me and

ordered me to go to his underground safe and moved out immediately with the

Deposit Agreements and Cash Receipt he made with a bank in Abidjan

where he Deposited the Sum of €8,500,000.00 (Eight Million Five Hundred

Thousand Euros) I successfully smuggled out of the country to Abidjan,

Cote d'Ivoire With the help of some rebels loyal to My father and have

gone to the bank with the Deposit Documents to confirm the Deposit


He made a disguised and safe deposit by declaring the money as a

belonging to his foreign business partner (That Never Existed), and said that

it was for security and safety as not to get confiscated was his

reasons for that. I am now seeking for your direct Assistance to front you

as the bonafide beneficiary of the money and lift the fund out of this

country to your base for onward profitable investment which necessitated

my contacting you, and your reward for this noble assistance is


Further detail will be made known to you on confirmation of your

interest to Assist me towards this project, as You will also comfirm to me

that no Third party should hear about This transaction. I know due to the

level of unexpected things going on in the world of today, you may not

like to respond to my message, but please do have

understanding that I have contacted you in good faith and all

informations about the lifting of this fund will be giving to you as soon as I

hear from you.

Remain blessed as you come to my aid, while expecting your most rapid

telephone call on (+22507666967) and/or mail response.

Yours sincerely.

Williams Mbomah.

- Williams Mbomah

Letter 2082

Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2006 14:32:13 +0100 (GMT+01:00) From: "Dr Ben Mill" <> Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert Subject: FROM THE DESK OF DR BEN MILL



I am (Dr Ben Mill), the Director of Procurement and Contract Award at the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

I apologized using this medium to reach you for a transaction/ business of this magnitude, but this is due to Confidentiality and prompt access reposed on this medium. It is with trust that I wish to contact you on this matter concerning the transfer of US$25.5Million Dollars.Sometime ago, a contract was awarded by my Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) an International Oil Firm, to Service, Turn Around Maintenance and Rehabilitation Work on Kaduna Refinery and Petrochemical Company (KRPC) Plant in Nigeria.

This contract was over-invoiced by us two junior colleagues) and (myself to the tune of (US$25.5 Million United State Dollars). Though the actual contract cost have been paid to the original contractor, leaving the balance in the tune of the said amount which we have in principles gotten approval to remit by Key Tested Telegraphic Transfer (K.T.T) to any foreign bank account you will provide.It is based on this that some officials in my department and I have decided to establish a cordial business relationship with you, hence my contacting you. We want you to present yourself as the Beneficiary to this fund, so that we can release the fund into your account for safety and subsequent disbursement. We have all modalities set.We have been disappointed some years ago by a British, Mr. Rick Williams whom we trusted with a transaction of this nature up to the tune of US$50Million U.S. Dollars. He is sitting on our money for no apparent reason and refused to give us our share but we believe that for his act of wickedness to us, he will never go unpunished by God.

Mr. Rick Williams still resides in London and enjoying our collective money. Because of this we are afraid and we need your total trust and assurance that you must be an honest and straightforward person, as we are willing to try again with you believing in your good cooperation and Faithfulness.We have agreed to share the money thus:

1. 30% for the account owner (you). 2. 60% for me and my partners 3. 10% to be used in offsetting taxes and all local & foreign expenses.

Please, note that this transaction is 100% safe and risk free and we will commence the transaction from the date of receipt of the following information from you via e-mail. Please if you accept this proposal, send to me by E- mail. 1; YOUR FULL NAMES AND ADDRESS. 2; YOUR PRIVATE PHONE AND FAX NUMBERS.

With this information, we are going to put in application for the release of these funds (US$25.5M) into your account for us all. Due to our sensitive position, we can not afford a slip in this Transaction so contact me immediately through my e-email address for further information on the requirements and procedure for this transaction.It will only take four working days to conclude this business.Remember that my present situation will not allow me to search for another person, I absolutely HOLD YOU ON TRUST. Therefore we urge you to respond immediately to this my email address to enable me commence with the modalities of this transfer as we are well prepared to do this promising transaction with you and hope to continue with you in future.Please treat with the strictest confidentiality and utmost urgency.

Yours faithfully,


Letter 2083

Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2006 09:34:31 +0900 (KST) From: "davidsmith" <> View Contact Details Add Mobile Alert Yahoo! DomainKeys has confirmed that this message was sent by Learn more Subject: From: Frank Peters To:

»õ·Î¿î ¸ÞÀÏ ÁÖ¼Ò¸¦ °®°Ô µÇ¾ú½À´Ï´Ù!

´ÙÀ½ À̸ÞÀÏÁÖ¼Ò·Î ¸ÞÀÏÀ» º¸³»ÁÖ¼¼¿ä

From: Frank Peters

575 Finchley Road

London NW3 7BJ,U.K.



My name is David Smith. I am a friend and a personal councellor to a former credit manager and then the account officer of a foreigner named Gerard St.Germain who died in an air crash along with his wife on the 31st October 1999 in an Egyptian airline 990, with other passengers on board. You can confirm this from the website below.

My friend resigned from the bank months ago because of internal family problems,but before his resignaton he was managing the deposit account of the late Gerard St Germain were he had access to some vital information as to how the funds will be paid to the next of kin.

Since his death, none of his next-of-kin is alive to make claims for this money as his heir,because they all died in the same accident, him and the wife, Yvette St.Germain and their children(May their soul rest in peace).

The bank cannot release the funds from his account unless someone applies for the claim as the next-of-kin to the deceased as indicated in their banking guidelines. Upon this discovery, my friend asked me to look for a reliable person to stand as the next of kin because he can not handle this directly since he has worked in the bank.

I now seek your permission to have you stand as a next of kin to the deceased, as all documentations will be carefully worked out by me and my friend for the funds valued (£15,000,000.00) to be released in your favour as the beneficiary s next of kin. After four years the bank is permitted by law of UK to send the money to the treasury as unclaimed bills and the money shared amongst the directors of the bank. It is on this basis, that my friend asked me to seek for whom shall be used as the next of kin/beneficiary to this funds rather than allow the bank directors to share this money amongst themselves at the end of the year.

Please acknowledge receipt of this message in acceptance to this noble offer by furnishing me with the following information if you are interested.

1.A Beneficiary name and address in order for me to to get a probate for the transfer of the funds in your name.

2. Direct Telephone and fax numbers.For our personal contact and mutual discussion.

Upon your acceptance, I shall give you my direct telephone number so that we can discuss freely.We shall be compensating you with four million dollars (£4Million Pound Sterling) on final conclusion of this project for your assistance,while the remaining £11 Million pound sterling will be shared between me and my friend. If this proposal is acceptable by you, please endeavor to contact me immediately,if not please disregard this email.


David Smith

- davidsmith

Letter 2084

Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2006 23:23:19 +0100 (GMT+01:00) From: "lucabruno" <> Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert Subject: URGENT

Dear friend,

In order to transfer out £15,000,000.00 (Fifteen Million Pounds Sterling)from our bank here I have the courage to look for a reliable and honest person who will be capable for this important transaction, believing that you will never let me down either now or in future. My name is Dr. Luca Bruno I am the Group Finance Director here in Bank of Scotland United Kingdom.

There is an account opened in this bank in 1995 and since my inception into office in 2001, nobody has operated on this account again,after going through some old files, I discovered that if i do not remit this money out urgently, it will be forfeited for nothing. and know that 35% will be foryour share, all so 65% will be for me and my family, why 5% upsetting all the expenses please be serious to transfer this money urgent to your account.

I will use my position and influence on other staffs to effect the legal approvals and onward transfer of this money to your account with appropriate clearance from foreign payment department. With assurance that this money will be intact pending my physical arrival in your country for the sharing and possible investments.

Thanks Sincerely, Dr. Luca Bruno

Letter 2085

Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2006 00:08:11 +0000 (GMT) From: "Albertg Galut" <> View Contact Details Add Mobile Alert Yahoo! DomainKeys has confirmed that this message was sent by Learn more Subject: GET BACK TO ME To:

Ich habe eine neue E-Mail-Adresse!

Ich bin jetzt unter folgender E-Mail-Adresse zu erreichen:





Attn: Pls,

Taking into considerations that we have not met before, l know this mail although it's

for good motive, may come to you asurprise. l decided to contact you for this reason

believing that you would be capable to work-out this deal for the interest of us based

on what we have in the file here.

I am Dr. Albert Galut, the director in charge of auditing and accounting section of Eco

Bank in west Africa with due respect and regard.

I have decided to contact you on a business transaction that will be very beneficial

to both of us at the end of the transaction . During ourinvestigation and auditing in

this bank, my department came across a very huge sum of money belonging to a deceased

person who died on 21 april 2001 in a Auto crash and the fund has been dormant in his

account with this Bank without any claim of the fund in our custody either from his

family or relation before our discovery to this


Although personally, I keep this information secret within myself and partners to

enable the whole plans and idea be Profitable and successful during the time of

execution. The said amount was us$13M (thirteen million united states dollars). Since

then I have made several enquiries to your embassy to locate any of my clients

extended relatives this has also proved unsuccessful.

After these several unsuccessful attempts, I decided to contact a foreigner who will

act as the next of kin to the deceased instead of the money going into the federal

government coffers. I have contacted you to assist in repartrating the money and

property left behind by my client before they get confisicated or declared

unserviceable by the bank where this huge deposits were lodged.

Particularly,the Eco Bank Plc where the deceased had an account valued at about13

million united states dollars has issued a notice for the next of kin to surface or

have the account confisicated within the next ten official working days. since i have

been unsuccesfull in locating the relatives for over 4 years now I seek your consent

to present you as the next of kin of the deceased hence we claim this fund for our own

benefits so that the proceeds of this account valued at 13 million dollars can be paid

to you and then you and me can share the money.

I have all necessary legal documents that can be used to back up any claim we may


All I require is your honest cooperation to enable us see this deal through. guarantee

that this will be executed under legitimate arrangement that will

protect you from any breach of the law.I will procure all necessary Legal documents

furnish me with the below information to enable the bank transfer the fund to your

bank account.

(1) Your phone and fax number for easy conversation

(2) Your age and occupation.

(3) Your full name and address

Once I hear from you I will tell you the next line

of action.

Please Reply with this Email:


Best Regards,

Dr. Albert Galut

- Albertg Galut

Letter 2086

Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2006 03:51:47 +0100 (GMT+01:00) From: "peter onah" <> Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert Subject: Dear Friend,

Peter onah & Bar Associate Attorney Avenue, Plot 401' private Email: Cell phone number:+23480-602-814-41

Dear Friend,

It is with heartfelt hope that I write to seek your co- operation and assistance in the context stated below, I am BarristerPeter Onah ,the personal Attorney to the late Mr. Frank Kurt. I got your contact through the help of my sister-in-law that works with the American Chambers of commerce and Tourism, though I did not disclose to her my humble intention for an honest foreigner like you, having noted the confidence reposed on your person by the sponsor of the recommendation.

My late client was the Chief Executive officer of {Agip petroluem development company} for 15 years and he was retired on the 30th day of september 2001. After a month, My client and his entire family died on their n way to onference in a Car crash on the 30th day of October 2002.Before his death my client had a total sum of US$16milon with a finance house.

Hoping of transferring the fund to his country {United States of America} after his retirement as soon as he comes back from the conference. According to the {DEED OF WILL} made by my late client, He wrote a {DEED OF WILL} that if anything should happen to him, That i should locate any ofhis family member. deceased since you are a foreigner like my late client.I agree to pay you 40% of the fund as the account owner, 60% for Provide the following information for the application processing.

1. your full name...............

2. contact address..............

3. phone and fax number........... 4. Age..... ............

All this information will enable me write an application to the bank on your behalf. and present you to the bank as the real next of kin tomy late client All requires is your honest cooperation to enable us see this business successful. I guarantee that this will be executed under a legitimate arrangement which will protect you from any breach of the law.Frank Kurt was a very good man and it is not wise for me to allow his hard earned wealth to be stolen by the greedy directors of the finance house.

Thanks and God bless.

Barrister Peter onah

Letter 2087

Date: Mon, 01 May 2006 16:30:55 +0200 From: "Ex. Capt, David Amossou," <> Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert Subject: URGENTE To:

Ex. Capt, David Amossou, Trans Security And Finance Company Cotonou - Republic of Benin

Estimado amigo.

Sé que esta carta puede venirle como una sorpresa. Conseguí su dirección por un directorio Comercial local en la web. Debo pedir perdón por tomar un poco de su tiempo valioso para explicarle esta oferta que creo será de la ventaja suma a ambos nosotros.

Soy Ex,Capt David Amossou, el Director de Operación y la Entrega de Trans Seguridad y Compañía Financiera en COTONOU – la REPÚBLICA DE BENÍN, ÁFRICA DE OESTE En nuestra compañía descubrimos dos Caja Galvaniza y una de la Caja contiene una suma del USD de 11,300,000.00 dólares (Once millón trescientos mil dólares americanos) y la otra caja que contiene 150 kilogramos de Oro de 18 quilates que pertenece a uno de nuestro cliente extranjero Sr. Mohammed Al-- Fuhard un libanés que murió junto con su familia entera en un accidente de avión que ocurrió el jueves por la tarde como Boeing 727 salió del aeropuerto en Cotonou, la capital comercial de Benín en las orillas del Océano Atlántico. en el 25 / 12 / 2003.Usted mismo puedes confirmar en este dos sitio. Web:

Ya que nuestra compañía consiguió la información sobre su muerte hemos estado esperando que su familiar más cercano venga y reclame sus dos remesas porque no podemos liberar este remesas a alguien a menos que alguien los solicite como familiar más cercano o relación a Sr., Mohammed Al--Fuhard como indicado en nuestras pautas de compañía y leyes pero lamentablemente aprendimos que todos su supuesto el familiar más cercano murió al lado de él en el accidente de avión no que deja a nadie para la reclamación y nuestro derecho de compañías y la pauta aquí estipula que si tal remesa permanece sin reclamar después de dos años, tal remesa será confiscada como la propiedad sin reclamar.

En este caso que no podemos localizar ninguna de su relación como su familiar más cercano, me gustará presentarle a nuestra compañía como,el Socio de negocio de Sr, Mohammed Al--Fuhard Mohammed y su representante de familia y asi todos los viejos documentos de Sr, Mohammed serán cambio en su nombre como el nuevo beneficiario de las dos remesas. immediatamente concluimos el trato usted será autorizan al 50 % del total mientras el 50 % restante será mi propio porcentaje. Esto significa 50/50

Tengo todos los documentos jurídicos necesarios que se pueden utilizar para sostener todas las demandas que haremos. Toda lo que quiero es su coperación honesta para permitirnos hace esta gran transacción .que esto será ejecutada bajo arreglo legítimo que le proteja contra cualquier abertura de la ley.

Tan pronto como arreglamos todos los documentos y cada documentos aguantan su nombre como el nuevo beneficiario, si usted no puedes venir a Africa puedo hacer desde aqui el arreglo especial de transferir la dos caja de galvernise que contiene el dinero y el oro a nuestra sucursal en Europa por el arreglo diplomático especial, de modo que inmediatamente la caja salir aquí yo me afilie a usted inmediatamente allí en Europa. Finalmente cuando el dinero llegan a Europa y todo el arreglo son concluidos y los fondos esta en su cuenta bancaria, usted también será la persona para tener cuidado de mi 50% para asistir para una inversión comercial buena en su país.

Note: exijo la confianza más alta de usted para guardar este negocio estrictamente confidencial para razones de seguridad y también querer que usted supiera que nuestra compañía no sabrá que soy el que quién se puso en contacto con usted para significar esta reclamación. por fabor ponga en contacto conmigo via este correo urgentemente cuando recibir este correo E- mail:

Recuerdos, Except,David Amossou

Letter 2088

From: "Ediri Okpe" <> Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert To: Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2006 15:29:23 +0100 Subject: LOOKING FOR ASSISTANCE

Dear Sir,

I am very sorry to bother you with my plight. Please know that it's not by mistake I am contacting you but by the special grace of God.

After searching for someone I can lay my plight to, I’ve finally come with you after prayers to God. My name is EDIRI OKPE from Liberia. I am 19. My father and I escaped from our country at the heat of the civil war after loosing my mother and two of my senior sisters in the war. They were raped and shot.

My father established his cocoa business in Kumasi, Ghana. He was in ACCRA, to negotiate for the purchase a field when he was involved in an auto crash. There is a big problem here and the people here hate foreigners. He was hospitalised before he finally gave up on the 24th of March .His death has now made me an orphan and I am exposed to danger. As I write, foreigners are attacked on daily basis.

Before the unfortunate sudden death, my father called me to his side and told me he have a total sum of 8.45 million dollars deposited in a bank here in Accra.

He said he used me his only surviving child as his next of kin to the deposite and incase he fails to make it that I should take care of myself and get someone to help invest the money for me. I have all the papers with me here.

I have confirm from the bank all the papers he gave me on the deposit. I asked them to give me the money but they showed me the paper my dad signed with them that I must be 25 years old before they can hand over the money to me personally.

They said I should send them my birth certificate which I did and they told me that am still under the age my dad signed with them.

They told me that my dad made a provision that my guardian can manage the money on my behalf. Please this is where I need you pleased. I am suffering here without money and since he died, I have not gone to school again while there is money lying in there. I have tried to locate any of my family but all to no avail and this is why I have decided to get one for my self to assist me in getting the money out.

I will do all you want from me provided it’s within my reach and the will of God. I trust you because I trust God never to lead me astray. Please help me.

I have just told them that my guardian will contact them because I don’t want them to take advantage of me that i have no guardian.

I want you to stand for me as my guardian and contact the bank. Tell them you are my guardian and because of the crisis here, you want me to be with you where you can better take care of me. Tell them to transfer the money to you immediately. Please help save my life please. I have no more money here and feeding is a big problem to me now. Please I trust you because I trust God. Again, As soon as the money has been transfered, to assist me with a letter of invitation that will make me get a visa to your country for residence inorder for me to continue my education and to invest the fund in a viable business there.

This money can take care of me there without any problem and please I need you to manage the fund for me, as this is my last hope in life. I am ready to do anything you want provided you help me.

You can Have 20 percent of the money if you help me. If this is acceptable to you, send me a mail through my e-mail account: <> so that I can know you more.

Please send me your photo and your telephone number please.

God Bless you. Yours, Sincerely Ediri Okpe.

Letter 2089

From: "JOHN GEADON" <> Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2006 17:50:43 +0000 Subject: I NEED YOUR HELP

Att Please, I am Mr John Geadon fromCote-Ivory Abijan.I am 25years old and presently residing in Dakar-Senegal because of the political crisis in my Country. I got your contact in strict confidence through Senegal Chamber of Commerce. I would Honestly want to seek for an immediate assistance from you, I have $12.5 Million US dollars belonging to my late Father Mr Desmond Geadon who was held bondage by the Rebels during the crisis and was letter killed. I ran to Senegal refugee Camp when I Discovered danger to my life and that of my only sister Joy untill the death of my beloved father he paked the above mentioned Amount in a METAL TRUNK BOX and deposdit it with a SECURITY COMPANY for safe keeping i have every Documents regards the transaction I have contacted the SECURITY COMPANY and confirmed the safety of the money/inheritance, As it is, I have the intention of investing the money oversees and however needed a Foreigner who is capable of giving adequate assistance to me by the way of clearing the money from the SECURITY COMPANY and thereafter forwarding it to your Account for investments. I have nice percentage of the money for you. If Necessary, Please do feel free to ask me questions on this as I wait for your reply soonest. Thanks. JOHN GEADO

Letter 2090

From: "Mr.Abel Adams" <> Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert Subject: Business proposal Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2006 23:59:43 +0600

Dear Sir Business proposal / Strictly Confidential My name is Mr, Abel M. Adams; I am a vault manager with a private security company located here in England United Kingdom. I got your contact from your country's chamber of commerce here in the United Kingdom. I have a business proposal, which requires absolute confidentiality but if handled with outmost care and secrecy will be successfully concluded within 14 working days.

In January 2003, before the commencement of the war in Iraq, Mr, Quasi Hussein (late) son of the former Iraqi president deposited a consignment here in our company which they declared as containing family valuables. Since the American led coalition war in Iraq that let to his death, no one has appeared to ask for the condition of this consignment, being the only officer now in our office who knows the origin and history of this deposited consignment, I personally investigated what the deposit might be nursing the fear of Chemical weapon, but was surprise to realise that the content of the consignment was cash money in United States Dollars valued at US$32,000,000.00. (Thirty Two Million united states dollars)

Since I am the only person that knows the actual owner of this consignment because I was in charge when this deposit was made, I decided to look for a foreign partner who can come forward and claim the consignment now that the owner is dead, and the deposit was not made in the name of Mr, Quasi Hussein, and so no one in our office knows that this has any link with the Hussein family apart from me. I have the chance and opportunity to effect the change of ownership of the consignment to any foreign partner who is willing to work with me, and I can secure the release of the consignment to the person without delay once the change of ownership is obtained.

I have perfected necessary arrangements for the change of ownership to be completed within 5 working days of receipt of the personal information which I will need from you for the purpose, if you will be interested to work with me. I will complete the change of ownership in your name and transfer the money into a safe bank account of your choice.

If this proposal meets your interest, please get back to me by any means of the above communications alternatively email me at or indicating your telephone and fax numbers for further details on how we will proceed.

I wait urgently to hear from you

Yours Faithfully

Mr. Abel M. Adams Fax: 0044 8704867822

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