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California Non-Profit Organizations, Charities, Associations

Our attorneys have represented non-profit organizations including public charities, educational organizations and business associations in California.  Mr. Gross has organized non-profits under California law and has helped them obtain tax-exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service.  Recently, Mr. Gross successfully appealed an IRS determination letter, which helped gain tax-exempt status for a client.  

Organizing a non-profit is more complex than a for-profit corporation since the organizing documents must meet a number of criteria to qualify for tax-exempt status. Often the margin of error in getting tax-exempt status is very thin.  We can help you in prepare the organizing documents and the tax-exempt application to maximize your odds of getting immediate approval from the IRS.  If your application gets denied for any reason, we can prepare the appeal letter/brief and provide strong advocacy during the appeal process.

Please note that while we are not offering pro-bono representation to non-profit organizations at this time, we will provide a special discount to our normal rates because we support the work of non-profit organizations.  Please contact us, if you want further details on forming your nonprofit in California.

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