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Halifax Online Banking

Phishing Scam E-mails

The email claiming to be from Halifax Online Banking and instructing you to confirm your account information to avoid an account suspension appears to be a phishing scam.  Phishing e-mails are e-mails from scam artists who use official looking webpages designed to trick you into believing they are from a corporate website that you have an account with.  Once you are at the site, they will ask you to provide or verify personal information such as bank account information, credit card information, social security information and password information.  If you get such an e-mail, you should delete it and do not provide any of the requested information.  However, if you are not convinced that you have a fraudulent e-mail, please contact Halifax Online Banking directly and explain the e-mail you received.  If you give out any personal information, contact Halifax Online Banking immediately and depending on what information you gave out, it may be wise to take measures to protect against identity theft (e.g. contact credit agencies, close accounts, cleanse computer).   Many email solicitations that appear to be phishing emails are set forth throughout this website and below: 

Halifax Online Banking

Subject: Security Alert
From: "Halifax Online Banking" <>  
Date: Fri, 19 May 2006 12:25:06 +0200 (CEST)
Dear Customer,
Our Technical Service department has recently updated our online banking
software, and due to this upgrade we kindly ask you to follow the
link given below to confirm your online account details. Failure to
confirm the online banking details will suspend you from accessing your
account online.


We use the latest security measures to ensure that your online banking
experience is safe and secure. The administration asks you to accept our
apologies for the inconvience caused and expresses gratitude for
Halifax Online Technical Support
Please do not reply to this email address as it is not monitored and we
will be unable to respond.
For assistance, log in to your Halifax Online Bank account and choose
the "Help" link on any page.
Halifax plc, Registered in England No. 2367076. Registered Office:
Trinity Road, Halifax, West Yorkshire HX1 2RG. Authorised and regulated
by the Financial Services Authority. Represents only the Halifax
Financial Services Marketing Group for the purposes of advising on and
selling life assurance


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