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If you would like to help us fight fraud.  Here are some things that could help.

        We need and would very much welcome any financial support to continue and increase our activities.    We have built and maintained this website for years through the donation of time and efforts of our founder without any outside financial support.  Until we increase our financial support, we are limited in what we can do.  With some funding we can afford to do the following: 1) Add thousands of additional fraud emails; 2) build sophisticated search capabilities within the website; 3) add more educational information; and 4) answer inquiries that we receive from people who have received potential scam emails.

        1.    Donations.    We are considering a plan to raise donations to help fund the expansion and maintenance of our internet fraud fighting website.   All donations will be used toward the costs of maintaining and improving the website or providing related educational services.  If you are interested in making a possible donation, please send an email to and put "Donation" in Re line.  We may provide extra benefits for significant donors such as a  personal consultation with an attorney.    As our plans unfold, we will provide additional details.        

2.   Additional e-mails.    We are always looking for scam emails that we do not have in our database.  We particularly are looking for lottery e-mails that name a lottery other than the ones named here: Lotteries List or phishing e-mails that name a bank or company other than the ones named here: Phishing List

3.    Link to our website.    Every link to our website increases the visibility of our website within the search engines and helps others find our website more easily.  If you have a website or homepage, please provide a link to our website.  You can cut and paste:  Scam Email Archive or create title of your choice and link to URL: 

4.    Advertise on our website.    We have available very reasonably priced advertising.    If you are interested in low cost advertising for your business or website that reaches a significant worldwide audience, please send us an email to and put "Ad Inquiry" in Re line.  


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